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Eminem Before and After Photos

Marshall Mathers III was born on October 17, 1972. Eminem grew up into the group D12 and he has become one of the greatest selling artist of the millenium thus far. He is also ranked as one of greatest record selling artist of all-time, which really speaks volumes.
The man has one his fair share of Grammy’s and many other lucrative awards. He has won an Oscar as well with the song “Lose Yourself” which was a huge track for the film that was loosely based on his life in which he starred, “8 Mile.” He has also made a few cameos in other films and he has also had a generally noticeable presence throughout pop culture in these recent years.

“Somewhere deep down there’s a decent man in me, he just can’t be found.”

Will the Real Eminem Please Stand Up?

There are many people who have discussed the ever changing face of the artist, easily leading to a widespread speculation of plastic surgery. Many say that there were specific orders for him to try and get his youthful face back, but that sounds a little weird.
Even though their are many who embrace this modernistic wonder of plastic surgery, you just can’t help but also notice that his face just has this tight, uncomfortable thing going on. There is no real solid proof to honestly start pointing fingers but the rumors are certainly justified.
At this point in time, the central focus has been surroundinghis eyes and his face. There are a lot of folk out there who think Eminem physically looks like he is at the top of his game and maybe this supposed surgery was a good idea afterall.
As a consensus, the vast majority agree that Eminem did employ some type of cosmetic lovin’ but there is nothing coming from him, or his camp. There are some out there who wonder if a good diet and exercise are the main contributons to his youthful appearance but really as, we all know, it is hard to form any real opinion just off of speculation.
Maybe, the truth is simply spoken by the company he keeps, people like his friend, Dr. Dre, who is also known to eat very well and exercise daily. There has also been some word that maybe his youthfulness and smoothness around his eyes are a result of letting go of the drug addiction in which he used to have.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  •  Facial Reconstruction (speculative)

Way to Go Slim!!

Well, there you have it, the great Marshall Mathers story. Hope all of you learned a lot and maybe you just might take something from this and apply it to your life. Let’s face it, some pics of Eminem do look a little slim shady but who knows. This is true though, Eminem plastic surgery went pretty swell if it did happen and if it didn’t, lets give the man a warm round of applause for eating healthy and living the clean life.