Dominique Sachse plastic surgery

Dominique Sachse Before and After Photos

News Flash

A beloved channel two news anchor, with a certainly tasteful appearance that begs the constant approval of the male viewers throughout the country, Just like film and TV stars, news anchors have to be up to a certain par of attractiveness and having to look their darnedest for the mirage of the camera. Dominique Sachse plastic surgery is about a change of appearance that has caught the attention of more than just a few in her loyal viewership. Lets go along for the ride, eh?
Many people on the outside of Sachse’s circle have been pointing fingers at her for the possibilities of her undergoing plastic surgery. Apparently the inspiration behind her decision was similiar to about half of the people who decided to use it’s service…Age, that simple.

The Viral Downward Spiral

There has been a transformation that is noticeable to many and a lot has to do with the recent side-by-side comparisons of her before and after pics that have gone viral.
To begin, there is an obvious change of shape in her bust area. A change not only visible by a keen sight but an apparent explosion in the chest area that could even be seen by the vision challenged even. When you are a news anchor, especially in this day in a age, you have to really put a lot forth into your appearance and a lot of times it begins at the breast, which is exactly what sachse has seemed to have done.
Another big prominent change is also seen in her nose, it is much thinner than it has appeared in the past. Maybe with the onset of HD television becoming widely available, maybe her network advised her to get a more television friendly schnozz. She also may be the benefactor of a really good makeup artist.

Botox Gawk’s

Woman who are on the outs with age have been known to employ the work of Botox and it looks as if Sachse may have very well done just that. Her cheeks have recently shown a more fullness and firmness that wasn’t there before. Her lips are also showing what could be also signs of Dermal lip filler, there is a rampant puffiness to them that has appeared to have sprouted in the very recent months.
Critics have been speaking up on the possibility of Sachse’s plastic surgery in what seems to be some form of effort to get her to speak up a little. They say her lips are too full and that the utter fakness of them is all too obvious.
She has also appears to be showing less wrinkles in the facial area as well, her forehead is showing a smooth and shiny prominence and maybe a little too youthful for a woman of her years. It does seem however to have been a pretty well done procedure the upper facial area, looking most likely like a Botox injection once again.

Under the Knife Points:

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Botox Injections
  • Dermal injections

The Sachse Dash

Dominique Sachse plastic surgery was good on a couple fronts but was not so good in the area of the breast. People have said that, through word of mouth, that she has shown disappointment in her final result of the breast augmentation but that everything else went very nicely.