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Coco Puffs

The times have changed. A good example of that, would have to be Coco Austin. That is said because in a different time and place, Coco would be that big breasted chick, wearing a swimsuit, pinned on a dirty, dusty wall of an old tavern, faded out on a Budweiser poster. Instead, we know her name. That’s how you know times have changed. TV, internet and a marriage to the one and only Mr. Cool, Ice-T, can make a woman like this famous…dude…come on. Here we are though, on the precipice of Coco Austin plastic surgery.


The absolutely world turning Coco Austin, was born in 1979, in Palo Verdes, California. Later, the fam and her moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Later on in her teens, she became fascinated by the entertainment world, acting and dancing was what was up. She knew it, she felt it, something was happening and oh yeah…it was on like donkey kong.
Once she became an adult, the reflection in the mirror became too much for her to waste, so she busted her way into modeling. Through the simple virtues of her strong character, she excelled and rocked her way up the ladder of modeling supremacy.
She began modeling in swimsuit competitions, videos, catalogues and calendars. She impressed many, her images sparked the domino effect of popularity through her continuous efforts in modeling.
When she really made it big, take that one literally, she got the breast augmentation of queens altering her breast size to the mountainous range of 39DD.
Her big break came, after years of fortitude, battling adversity and hard work when she met and married rapper Ice-T in 2005.
Life is good for Mrs. Austin..No, really good. Money in the bank, married to the T and looking good baby. You know what, she says bring it on, nothing gets in the Coco’s way.

Do You Think She Might Have Had Some Work Done?

When it comes to plastic surgery, Coco Austin looks like she know a thing or two about a thing or two. Just by the size of her breast and the appearance of them thangs, would fill you in on a few things Coco.
It is questionable if she originally was going for the a man in drag look, but if indeed that was her intention from the start then, by golly she hired the best doc in L.A.
In actuality, her surgery does look pretty dang good. Her breast do appear to be a little on the OH MY GOD! side but it compliments her frame and her overall look. Mr. Ice-T has got to be the happiest aging rappers with a hernia in Los Angeles County.
She also appears to have done a little tampering with her nose as well. Before and after photo’s reveal change in the bridge area, it has a more balanced look that matches the lower nostril area, another good piece of work for the Coco-ster.
Lastly, another item in question by the sleuths of plastic is her lips, it is apparent all the way that she more than likely rocked out the Botox. Classic, plump Botox action on those lips.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Botox Injection (Lips)
  • Butt Implants

The Twin Peaks of Austin

Coco Austin plastic surgery was a creative and artistic direction of the knife, you can see he was onto bigger things. How do woman like Austin get famous? There are mountains of talent out there scraping away at the bottom of the fish tank everyday, waiting for their moment but stepping out of their place in line for a chick like this.
Another thing, surely you can gather that the gateway to fame for her was through her husband Ice-T, correct? When Did Ice-T have the relevance all of a sudden to swerve the spotlight onto Coco? Been over twenty years since dude was on top. Enough rants, enjoy your life kiddies, one day at a time.




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