Delta Burke before and after plastic surgery

Delta Burke Before and After Photos

Delta Burke is mostly known as a comedian actress, but she is much more than that. She was born in July 30th, 1956. in Orlando, Florida. In 1974., she participated in Miss Florida contest, and she was the youngest contestant that won. One part of the award was a scholarship, that she used for two years study in the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. She played many roles, mostly in comedies and sitcoms; and her most famous role is in the Saturday Night Live Show. During her career, she was nominated for Emmy award two times. Recently, she is more often in the tabloids because of her weight problems than her acting.

“Eve wasn’t a size 6 and neither am I.”

What Happened to Her Face?

It is well known that rare Hollywood actors resist the call of plastic surgery. In a highly competitive profession where looks are one of the most important features, it is hard not to use every possible advantage. Delta Burke is not exception to the rule. Still, for most stars you can at least speculate did they do it or not, in case they don´t admit it. Unfortunately, Delta´s plastic surgery are well known without her recognition, because of the drastic change in her appearance. She is simply not the person she used to be. She admits she had some smaller procedures, but her looks tells a completely different story.

What Do the Critics Say?

Experts say Delta probably had a face-lift, cheek implants, cheek fillers and Botox. We can´t be 100% sure she did it, but it is a fact she looks like some plastic surgeon was working on her. Unfortunately, he was not very skilled one. OK, that is not the only thing that can happen. It is possible she chose the wrong procedure, or she had some allergenic reaction to the implants or fillers doctors used on her. Anyway, something went very wrong and today people don´t talk about her acting. Instead they talk about her face. She looks swollen and without any facial expression. Her cheeks are too big and too high, and her lips look unnatural too.

What Delta Says About Plastic Surgeries?

Delta admits she had a minor face-lift to tighten her jawline, and she said she considers an idea about breast reduction. According to her, since she gain some weight, her breasts increased significantly. That creates problems to her not only in terms of aesthetics, but also when it comes to the health. However, she never said she actually did it. She never commented any other possible procedures. It is probable that some changes in her appearance may be the result of weight gain, but it is unlikely they all are.

Final Verdict

What would an impartial observer say about Delta Burke´s look after looking her before and after photos? Unfortunately, little good. It is a fact Delta Burke looks nothing like she used to. It is a fact people change over the years, but her looks don´t look like a result of a normal aging process. Her look seems more like a result of a plastic surgery gone very wrong, no matter is bad surgeon or some other factor responsible for that. It is a true pity that today people talk more about her looks than about her roles or indisputable acting talent. Final conclusion would be that only plastic surgeries she should do in the future would be to improve the results of the previous ones. Of course, if it is possible to do at all.