Gabrielle Anwar Plastic Surgery

Gabrielle before and after photos

Gabrielle Anwar is a renowned actress who was actually born in a ‘film’ family with her mother being an actress and her father an award winning film producer and editor. She has participated in many films including the miniseries Hide Away and many other movies, including; The Grave, Flying Virus, In Pursuit Of Honor and many more. Recently , the media has been on Gabrielle on the issue of plastic surgery. Some claim to have noticed some change on the British American actress’ appearance, and specifically on the cheeks, nose and chin. However, Mr. Camera never lies. The camera’s show that Gabrielle has indeed gone under the knife..and came out of the surgery room looking more glamorous that ever.

“I’m not even sure I have a style! All I know for sure is I don’t want to look like everyone else.”

Plastic Surgery Speculations

The 43 year old actress decided to work on her lips and cheeks, which already looked fine for a woman of her age! Speculations have it that the job was minimal, so that she retained the lower lip. After the surgery, she looked wonderful. However, as age is catching on, it becomes almost visible to anyone that there’s something unnatural about the curl of her lips. The original one looks great but the one that was worked on stretches weirdly across her face. The look is almost funny, if you ask me. Her fan’s love the new her while critics mock her for having to work on herself for beauty.

Gabrielle’s lip and nose job

Before she decided to have Science remodel her, Gabrielle lips were really asking for it! The truth is that the size and detail of her original lips were not all that beautiful. If you take a look at her lips from her previous photos and films, you will definitely notice how thick they were, with the upper lip lacking a clear edge. She resolved to use the more subtle means to have them thinner and add detail to the outlines. The end result was glamorous, and the cameras were sharp enough to notice it. Her chin and cheeks also looked different. The outline of her face was much thinner than before. However, the fact that she has been on weight loss may imply that the change in the size and appearance of her cheeks was a natural effect.
Even so, she cannot dispute the fact that there’s something unnatural about her nose. How else would a broad shaped nose become thinner and have a tip more defined? We may excuse the fact that her weight loss routine could have led her to acquiring a thinner face structure, but not the nose. It is true that actors and actresses can achieve certain appearances using make-up, but when the effects become somewhat permanent, we begin to speculate surgery.

Gabrielle’s stake

Gabrielle’s stand is that the cameras are giving her effects. She denies having gone through any sought of cosmetic procedure to enhance her looks. In addition, she claims to embrace aging the ‘natural’ way. One reason why some people have chosen to believe her stake in this is because she decided to go minimal about the procedure. She has not publicly responded to the accusations, though. Of late, she has been in many magazines following the same issue, but none clearly defines whether or not she went under the knife. Gabrielle Anwar plastic surgery is however evident!

Gabrielle’s new look

In the end, the actress still looks marvelous, especially for a woman in her forties. Her face looks much better now and her public image is soaring. The baseline is that Gabrielle Anwar plastic surgery was a success and the surgeon who worked on her sure knows his work.