christie brinkley plastic surgery

Christie Brinkley Before and After Photos

Christie Brinkley has been one of the most famous and successful models ever seen. Her beauty, fabulous figure and enriching blonde hair ensured that she was the holder of the longest model contract with Cover Girl Magazine. During her stints in the 1970s and 1980s, she was one of the hottest cover girls of the sports illustrated swimsuit edition.

“I would be remiss when talking about beauty secrets to not say that one of the best is to care about the world around you. That’s what really matters. Even when I’ll be sitting here with gray hair and Georgia O’Keeffe wrinkles, people are going to say, ‘There is just something youthful about her’.”

Plastic Surgery Speculations

Even though she is in her late 50s, Christie Brinkley has maintained her fabulous looks with no slight signs of wrinkles, thereby escalating the rumors of plastic surgeries down the line. There has been persistent news on celebrity magazines and online news that Christie Brinkley has undergone plastic surgery a number of times. Even though she has not vehemently denied the rumors or agreed with them, a look at her pictures over a period of time tends to support the fact that a plastic surgery has been in the offing.

The Facials

It is quite easily notable that Christie Brinkley physic has gone numerous changes especially in recent years. Brinkley’s face and skin has remained flawless over time suggesting that she might have undergone chemical peeling and laser treatment. Her age-defying looks suggest massive face lifts and use of Botox. Critics have it that Brinkley has undergone brow lift and eye lid surgery and may have applied numerous Botox to enhance her aging looks. The corners of her eyes do not have any slight form of crow’s feet while her beautiful forehead is free of any wrinkle.

Brinkley’s Reactions to the Rumors of Plastic Surgery

Even though she has never come out to objectively deny having undergone a plastic surgery, Christie never admitted she did went under the knife. Instead, she has let the rumors spin around by saying that she would never think about plastic surgery in her 40s, but would not rule out undergoing the same now that she is approaching 60.  She has always attributed her looks to healthy eating, diligent exercise, special facials and her strong attitude.

Surgery Result

If it is true that Brinkley has undergone plastic surgery, then there is no doubt it has been a successful one. It can be boldly stated that she has maintained her perfect looks with smooth skin, free wrinkle face and a perfect figure.