David Coverdale Plastic Surgery

David Coverdale Before and After Photos

One of the leaders of the hairband movement of the 80’s and also the leader of the hard-rock driven Group, “Whitesnake”, David Coverdale could really sing his notes. The guy had a voice which not only was obviously highly trained but it never lacked any soul at any moment in time, dude just rocked. There is plenty of talk out there amongst the people that David Coverdale may have sung his way to the surgeon’s table and had himself an age-altering moment but for right now that is just hearsay, so let’s go and check it out for ourselves.

“The critics love to get out their knives and dine on Coverdale. But the worse the criticism gets, the more successful I become.”

A Little Background

Born on September 22, 1951, David Coverdale was born in the United Kingdom, He discovered his singing voice and ear for music at an early age and from there he would go on to front the band “Deep Purple”, to began his days as a Rock n’ Roll man but later as we all know, would make his way onto bigger things, eventually headlining the mega-popular rock group, Whitesnake. They busted out tunes like, “Here I Go Again” and so many more, backed up by the super-skilled Steve Vai on the guitar.

Coverdale, for being a man who has lived and breathed Rock n Roll for the last thirty plus years, kept his age on the downlow and maintained a relatively youthful look. His look must have really taken a sudden turn in a different direction because it got a lot of people seeking out his before and after pics online and the virtual forums were going nuts, especially fans of the 80’s metal genre.

Glam King Still Trying to Keep it Real

His looks really have changed and rather abruptly too, the sudden looks to Coverdale appeared a little botched in a way but nothing out of control. Nobody from the singer’s side of things have ever confirmed anything but honestly, just by taking a casual glance you can see that he definitely had gotten some work done, even if it was a little.

The before and afters say Botox and lots of it, it really looks to be that way but the man would obviously need to confess the truth to get to the bottom of it. The public seemed to want an answer of some kind but Coverdale continues to stay silent.

Too Much Botox

The detail that really stands out is actually more of a couple of questions, was there total Botox overkill? or was his procedure done at the hands of an incompetent surgeon? Once again, we may never know but what looks like a fact that it had to be a Botox related thing.

In the end, whatever ever Coverdale had done, it ended up altering his look to becoming rather girlyish. It stands to be uncertain but it looks like an incident that would be categorized under botched procedure. There also appears to be some relations to a facial reconstruction possibly, but everything in the matter still remains unclear.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Botox Injections (likely several)
  • Possible Facial Reconstruction

Here He Goes Again on His Own

David Coverdale plastic surgery was an ugly affair that the poor dude had to undergo but when you are in the limelight and are looking for quick and reliable ways to keep your swag, plastic surgery is sometimes a nice resort. It simply looks like Coverdale either chose the wrong day or the wrong surgeon. Maybe he will have to go back to the clinic again on his own.