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Claire Danes Before and After Photos

Claire Danes has got a pretty nice acting career on her hands, her talent as a dramatic actress is guided by a no-nonsense, intelligence and maybe even hints of bravery within her screen persona. She defies what her image had told us she was going to be from the very beginning, giving way into the transformation of one great mature woman. Not all is peachy as it seems, there are several folks on the horizon who believe that Claire Danes plastic surgery is how Claire has kept her looks maintained so well. She isn’t very old persay but she looks virtually untouched by the storms of life and some people out there wanted to get to the bottom of it.

“I really have never been concerned about being beautiful on-screen. That’s just not my jam.”

A Little Bio

Claire Danes was born into a family who were very science based career people, who wanted the same for Claire herself, which was to also make a career in the field of science as well but Claire saw it best for herself to pursue a career in the arts, more specifically, in the dramatic arts. She broke into the business rather quickly and during the early days of MTV, the cable network tried their hand at situational drama’s, as opposed to playing their usual rotation of music videos. Danes became one of the pioneers of the new genre by appearing in “My So-Called Life”, where she played the troubled teen protagonist, dealing with the issues of high school. She has since forged a wonderful career in television and film.

It has been said time and time again that Claire Danes is no fan of plastic surgery and that she also disdains the knife. She has fully embraced the idea of staying natural and just being herself but there are a few disgruntled bloggers out there who feel a little differently in the matter.

Claire Makes for Tabloid Fare

Reports out of the land of blog, is that Danes may have turned her back on her word and employed the option of saving face to go under the knife. Apparently she answered back, not too aggressively but she also made it a clear point that they were wrong and that they are just adding her to the typical dirty laundry list of celebrities, who are basically in the dead center of a firing squads range.

The subject, which is standard Tinseltown gossip, made it’s way closer to big news and it actually began to capture the attention of the nation. Her fans came to her rescue and verbally created a war of words with the originators of those cosmetic slanderings. There have been several celebrity watching journalist who have came forth to add their two cents and many of them are pretty sincere, in favor of the idea that Danes had partaken in cosmetic surgery.

Harsh Treatment

Her before and afters, the ones that went viral, didn’t have a whole lot to really offer and there are many out there who think that the basis of those rumors started out as a merely an attempt to create trouble towards the actress for any given reason. The truth, as with all of these stories, is that it simply becomes dust in the wind and as time moves on, the incident is slowly forgotten until it ceases to exist within the memory of the public.

Under the Knife Points:The Procedure Checklist

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Great Danes

Claire Danes plastic surgery was done with a lot of imagination, simply because that is how the story was formed. Poor Danes just happened to be smack dab in the middle of it or maybe she was kind of like a random number that was drawn out of a hat, like a lottery. She took care of the matter though and speaking up in defense of herself before any of her reps or fans could get to the matter, was most impressive.