Deidre Hall Plastic Surgery

Deidre Hall Before and After Photos

Could it be? The great Deidre Hall is at the forefront of plastic surgery rumors? The fans that live and die by her great performances have recently heard the devastating speculations regarding her possible connection to the youth wielding knife. The soap opera legend has seen her share of better days as far as her appearance is concerned, it has seemed that the aging bug has bitten her. As of right now, Deidre Hall plastic surgery is just speculation and the truth has yet to be revealed. We can take a deeper look into this story though, to give us a more broad scope of the rumours.

“I have such a strong belief in women’s ability to sustain each other.”

A Little Back Story

Deidra Hall has been a fan favorite among the lovers of soap operas and especially as everybodies favorite doctor, Marlena Evans, in the classic daytime soap drama, Days of Our Lives. She has been rocking the wickedly complex character for over 32 years now and at 66, she appears to show no signs of fatigue or disinterest in the character or show. Now that is the true making of a soap pioneer and a legend.

Hall has been atop the celebrity stage for many years, she has no doubt seen and heard her fair share of the trappings of the rumor mill a time or two. These particular rumors concern her presumably utilizing the great synthetic cosmetic wonder, in order to improve upon her already beautiful looks and preserve herself before age puts a halt to the possibility indefinitely.

Bloggers at It Again

Deidre Hall has recently appeared to overturn a rapidly declining youth, for which many in the business and the genre’s fandom have made remarks. Her look has made an instant turn-around in the way of youth and it is either inspiring or it was payed for. Bloggers of the soap experience have laid down some before and after pics on their selfmade sites and it feels as if people are buying into the notion, but do they have any valid points?

These bloggers do have some valid points and by the look of these pics, she may have underwent a brow lift and Botox injections because the candid pics never lie and it looks of the obvious.

Dr. Evans Back in da House

Her forehead most definitely has received a bit of magic, baring a flawless and wrinkle-free vision, which blends ever so perfectly with the skin for which immediately connects with the eyebrows. It looks like a pretty fair job and it can’t go without saying that the surgeon did a superb work, to be certainly commended.

Her lips have the sincere signs of Botox and the work here could have been performed a little better but it is still serviceable. They have obtained nor width and dexterity and there is almost a soft texture which is visibly present. With a little more detail it would have been a 5 star work.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Browlift
  • Botox

The Show Must Go On

Deidre Hall plastic surgery was completed in a very professional manner which must’ve had to have taken a good deal of skill. She now looks more like the Hall we have grown accustomed to and all parties involved should be satisfied. Now she can continue her role as the devious doc, they might have to incorporate why she looks so young into the script however.