Alexa Vega plastic surgery pics

Alexa Vega Before and After Photos

Alexa Ellesse Vega was born on August 27, 1988. She grew up in Miami, Florida until her family moved to California when she was 4. She started her career as a child star in Twister (1996) and has later on received roles on ABC family. Since then, she started having small roles on various movies and eventually got a role on Spy Kids. She also had the chance to record two songs for the movie.
She was married to Sean Covel in 2010, but this marriage did not last long and soon after she married Carlos Pena, Jr. on January 2014.
As the public saw her growing up, there were a lot of speculations whether she has undergone multiple plastic surgeries including breast implants and a nose jobs. But did she?

“I am taking belly dancing now. My hips are double-jointed, so I can do it really easily.”

Plastic Surgery Speculations

Alexa Vega was a skinny and flat chest young girl. On the screen, people used to see her as a cute little girl. In recent years, plastic surgery rumors started when Alexa starred in the movie Machete Kills. In the movie, she wore a leather bikini which showed her fuller breasts. Many were surprised of her new looks.
Others were just shaking their head reasoning that her sexy photos were taken more than 10 years since they last saw her having those little breasts. Puberty, of course.

Alexa Vega’s Reaction

As of today, no matter how much the rumors spread, Alexa still hasn’t commented on the allegations. This just makes it more mysterious. Then again, celebrities don’t have to answer everything. Did Alexa really had the surgery or did she just aged right and had those fuller breasts naturally?

Surgery Results

As her audiences, we can just look at her photos to compare her looks before and after the alleged plastic surgery. If it’s true that she had the surgery, we can safely say that she had a successful one.
We can notice that her clothes fit better than when she had smaller breasts. Her figure was also enhanced. She is now described as curvy and sexy. Most importantly, she looks more confident of her body.
Honestly, her ‘after’ photos look much better than the ‘before’. Her perfect breasts is the main reason why these speculations started. They’re just too perfect to be natural.