calista flockhart plastic surgery

Calista Flockhart Before and After Photos

A New Ally

Calista Flockhart had a pretty solid presence in the late 90’s-early 00’s, because she just so happened to be the fab-tastic “Ally Mcbeal”. She was cute, funny, awkward and sexy, all rolled up into a primetime hit Television show. Flockhart really can’t be considered a flash in the pan, but before Ally and after Ally, she has been, to put it nicely, non-existent. So, could that be why her name is being typed along with the like of the knife? A Hollywood disappearing act, the culprit? Or could it be that she is just simply trying to stay young and cute for her hubby, Indiana Jones? Pull the book off the shelf, because the story of Calista Flockhart plastic surgery is ready to begin….

“I do wish my breasts were bigger. Not big… but less small.”


Born on November 11, 1964, in Freeport, Illinois, Calista Flockhart was raised by a teacher and a Kraft foods worker. Later on down the line, she attended Rutgers University to study drama. The girl put in her dues, with a 7 year stint on Broadway, also in which during that time she was gigging small roles on soap operas to pay the bills.
It was a little slow but it was surely coming for Flockhart, she ended up getting some decent roles on HBO, one film in particular was playing opposite Kevin Spacey. Through the early to mid 90’s, she worked steady and the quality of her employment continued in the right direction and she fought hard for it. Come 1997, her fight for stardom would end with a big fat victory.
The warmer side of the spotlight bulb was finally felt by Flockhart, by securing her role in “Ally Mcbeal”, she secured her role in a little slice of Television history. The show was huge, for the 5 year window it was aired for, but the public loved it and they made Ally pop culture worthy. The show ceased in 2002 but soon Calista would meet star actor Harrison Ford and they eventually got hitched and are living, as far as we know, happily ever after.

Don’t Be So Nosey!

When it comes to plastic surgery, it would be hard to believe that a little, youthful cutie like Flockhart would ever need a booty call with the knife. She did however, have an odd nose that, honestly was really pretty normal, but on an angelic face like Flockhart’s, it may have stood out a tad and by the sound of it, it was the first to go.
That famous and somewhat wide nose of Ally Mcbeal, apparently changed overnight. Judging by a collection of before and after’s, it would actually seem that Calista may have gotten a little nosey with the knife. The base of the passage looks slimmer and her nostrils look leaner and more refined. The vote is in and the people elect, the Rhinoplasty!
Next on the knife’s menu, is a rather nice change in the lips. This ain’t your mama’s botox either. By the looks, which reveals a more plump, shapely and lightly defined new look to them. Regards to the surgeon on pimpin’ those lips up. If Harrison doesn’t dig those kisser’s then, well, he’s a fool.

Under the Knife Points: The Plastic Surgery Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Lip Augmentation

Ally Got Some Good Work Done

Wouldn’t you agree that Calista Flockhart plastic surgery rocks? She really didn’t get the works done, but what was done came out looking pretty good, pat the back of her knife wielder. Do you think that Calista may have another shot at the big leagues after her new changes? Or do you think that Harrison wants to keep that little cutie stowed away, far up in the castle on the hill, like Rapunzel perhaps? All that can really be said is, bring back us some Ally girl, come on now.