Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery

Carla Bruni Before and After Photos

Bruni Was Bruisin’

Carla Bruni is a model, singer and one heck of an heiress. She is best known for her love life with the french prez, Nicolas Sarkozy. Her modeling was first class and the thing that first established her name but then came singing and songwriting changed her passion and focus. So what inspires a girl like Carla to the cabaret of the knife? How much speculation is rockin’ the Hollywood Hills? Let’s go see, Carla Bruni plastic surgery.

“I’m not really a femme fatale.”


Born on December 23, 1967, in Turin, Italy. Carla Bruni was brought into a wealthy household. Her family fortune came from the tire business but her parents had been more musically inclined. Her mom was a classical pianist and her father was a composer. She showed an interest for music very early on.
In the 70’s she and her parents moved to France. She went to boarding school in Switzerland and at that time frame, she grew an interest in art. Later on she left college to pursue a career in modeling and in then in 80’s she ended up in doing several ads.
During the 90’s her modeling brought her into the music scene, where she ended up in a relationship with the ”Rolling Stones” Mick Jagger. She started rocking’ out on the axe and began writing songs.Throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s, she released a series of albums and her fame as a musician was at it’s peak.

And the Speculations Came…

Bruni is known for not shying away from the public and their opinion but that doesn’t seem so strange when you are dating the president of France. The public was out for something different though.
They had some some concerns over the knife and his ways of the plastic. Word got around, one thing led to another. People had noticed that miss.Carla started to look rather oddly and rather peculiar. There were many different episodes where people would hardly recognize her due to her sporting a sweet wig. What was she hiding?
Finally Carla surfaced sans the wig and her at attempts living in the incognito. One of the first things they started to notice were definite changes from her everyday good looks. The concentration was strictly on that face of hers.

A Simple Case of the Botch

By looking at the before and afters, that is where the action begins. People started to notice that her nose appeared to change a little, it went from a slight robust nose to all of a sudden looking quite lean and firm. It was a quite the noticeable difference.
Her face was appeared very extinguished, it was almost like a ghost, very peaked and drawn. Her cheek areas also looked more prominent, having that toned look, that sticks out. It certainly looked like they were tampered with. The operation, not quite sure but presumably cheek filler.
The girl looked botched, torn. Her lips also had the clear indications of Botox. Plump, rounded…fake. Even the lips look like they miss the surgeons mark, she was clearly having a bad day.
Looking at her eyes, she used to have dark and very noticeable pillows beneath them, In a series of newer photos, those pillows are completely absent. That part of the surgery looked to go pretty well, so at least, it wasn’t a complete nightmare….well, kinda.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Facial Implants
  • Botox Injection

It’s a Hard Botched Life

Carla Bruni plastic surgery looked to get the short end of the knife. It was a first class botch. These types of things happen all the time but to a sweet gal that was almost the wife of the french president? Hopefully, she has made amends with that sloppy knife wielder. Some pictures of her she look ok but there are some where it has the classic freaky plastic surgery look that will send chills down your spine. G’day everybody…next time.



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