Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery

Last Modified on:  May 23, 2017 @ 9:06 pm

Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

Bradley Cooper has quickly become one of Hollywood’s hottest and most talented actors. With two Academy Award nominations under his belt, his future is most certainly bright. However, the latest headlines to make the rounds regarding Cooper have been about the possibility of the actor undergoing some sort of plastic surgery procedure. In what looks to be an attempt to alter his looks for a particular performance in an upcoming motion picture directed by the great Martin Scorcese, the evidence couldn’t be more clear. So the question is, how realistic are the chances that Bradley Cooper’s plastic surgery is a possibility and what changes did the talented star pursue?

“I think I’m a decent-looking guy. Sometimes I can look great, and other times I look horrifying.”

Speculations have been circulating about how agressively the actor has been in regards to wooing Scorcese in order to score what he calls “the gig of a lifetime” and judging by his latest pic’s you can see that Scorcese would be a fool to turn him down.

Best Actor or Bust

What many folks are saying is that Cooper received a possible facial reconstruction to resemble the appearance of a mafia leader, in the likeness of Al Capone or Bugsy. Bradley has never been so obviously amped up in regards to winning a lead role in what many are saying to be his opus. The film is supposed to be an intense character study of the dark underworld within the mobster realm and Scorcese thinks this is Cooper’s big chance of taking home the grand prize of the Best Actor Award.

Judging by the photos coming in, you can see that Bradley Cooper’s plastic surgery focused mainly on his eyes, but at the same time, his entire face looks to have changed dramatically. Even before signing the contract for Scorcese, the director believed that Cooper is a shoe-in for the coveted role and it is incredibly unlikely that another actor, no matter who it is, will take the role from him.

Depp Doesn’t Know What Hit Him

The one actor who has garnered interest from the legendary director is the insanely talented Johnny Depp, but as it stands, Scorcese is only entertaining the idea. Scorcese recognizes the drastic changes Cooper has undergone, and believes that a perfect combination of his undeniable talent along with a true, dark, and grimacing facial appearance, the Academy will simply never be the same.

The revealing pic’s circulating over the web also show a major change around his eyes, almost appearing as if he was really shooting for the traditional look of a genuine mob boss. Usually when a star of Cooper’s calibur recieves any type of cosmetic surgery, there is generally negative press surrounding it, but because the new look is in an effort to give the public a modern-day classic, there is nothing but praise.

Speculated Procedures:

  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Possible Eye Surgery

Deuce Cooper

Bradley Cooper’s plastic surgery was in the name of cinematic greatness and the days and months which must pass before the secret film’s release are incredibly tough to bear. If you can imagine the amazing magnetism of Cooper along with the dumbfounding artistic direction of Martin Scorsese, there is assuredly a classic film on the way that the world is impatiently waiting to see.