Allison Janney Plastic Surgery

Last Modified on:  May 23, 2017 @ 9:07 pm

Allison Janney Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

Actress Allison Janney has been in the entertainment business for several years now, and her acting style is regarded as one of the best within the medium in which she works, television. She has no doubt aged gracefully, and along with her undying talents, her physical prowess has paid dividends. After a while though, people within the industry and even her fans begin to wonder how someone can continue to manage such a youthful appearance without ever showing any real signs of aging? This is the reason why Allison Janney’s plastic surgery is a hot topic within the industry, and from here on out, you will be informed on what information has come to light regarding the topic.

“Someone said I wasn’t attractive enough. People say those things, but they make you stronger. Then you can win an Emmy and think, ha, ha, ha. “

Judging by her before and after pics, you can clearly see that it looks as though Janney certainly has had some sort of cosmetic procedures to maintain that youthful radiance, which we have all grown accustomed to. Many of her fans are sticking by her side and maintaining that their favorite actress never has never even considered plastic surgery and doesn’t see it as being any sort of option in the future.

Here Goes the Rumor Mill

What her pics reveal is that somewhere along the line, Janney could have very well recieved a slight facial reconstruction, botox injections, and maybe even a breast augmentation. Whatever the case, the speculations continue to shuffle into the rumor mill and what information has been released is as follows:

Judging by the look of her face, you can see that she has probably had a facial reconstruction but in the opinion of professionals, most likely a minor one. Her cheeks, and the way that they connect to her lips has been altered, and the changes appear to have taken place sometime last year. The work that was done has clearly trimmed up some protruding sagging areas, this is for certain. What it has accomplished is that it created an angle of her face which looks much younger and also connects well with the rest of her face.

Botox Injections Look Official

The one apparent procedure which looks really obvious is the presence of botox injections in her lips. Some recent pics, which were taken at a premier show, show they are considerably more plump than they have ever used to be, yet at the same time they look great and not too overdone.

As far as Janney’s side of things, she has made a point of steering away from any indications or confirmations that she has underwent any procedures. Even those who speak for her have avoided any information and some have also stated that the actress has officially never even came within a mile of a plastic surgeon’s knife.

Speculated Procedures:

  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Botox Injections
  • Specualtions Continue

Allison Janney’s plastic surgery is one which is hard to take a stance on because at certain angles it really looks as if she likely has received at least botox, but sometimes she appears to have not obtained anything. Hopefully, more information will come to the surface, but for now it will have to keep being speculated on and surely the actress can live with that a little longer.