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Bob Costas Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

What the Heck is Up With Bob?

How much is that going to Costas? Lots. A little man with a good personality and a smart way about him, Bob Costas has moved his way into the hearts of sports fans all around the world as one of the greatest sportscasters of all time. His face is about as well known as the sports he’s calling. Bob Costas plastic surgery may have a little something to say about that famous face. What the heck is up with Bob? The man had plastic surgery? Bull. Let’s look over yonder and into a life, with maybe a little knife. Let’s get our Costas on.

“I don’t feel any different than I did when I was 40. But I realize mathematically, I’m equidistant between that and 80.”


Born on March 22, 1952 in New York City, Bob Costas began his career as a hockey announcer in New York City. Later he would call professional basketball in the early 70’s during the ABA day’s.
The the man, having an obvious penchant for basketball, stuck around the sport a little while longer through to the late 70’s, when he became a play-by-play for the Chicago Bulls. Being the pimp-tastic dude that he is, NBC noticed Bob and quickly without a thought or a care, hired the man for his magical on-screen presence.
During the 80’s, bob would also host major League Baseball, for which he has had a passion for many years. The dream had come full circle for swaggy B, life was gettin’ good fo-sho, and it was planning on getting a whole lot better.
This tradition would carry on through the decades, and it still hasn’t even concluded…pimp-be-pimpin’ and don’t you forget it. For NBC, he would virtually call every major sport in the book and he even rocked out the Kentucky Derby in 2009.
During his swag-strious career, Costas would not only call the major sports but he would call something even more major, The…no, you heard it right. He would go on to call 10 Olympic games from 1992 to the most recent 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi. Bob would host HBO Sports and a whole lot more, Bob will be Bob and Bob is here to stay.

A Big Stink Over an Eye of Pink

When speculations surrounding Bob’s possible connection with plastic surgery began, it wasn’t just a few people…it was the whole world. It began at the most recent Olympics in Sochi and it wasn’t some keen eye that spotted Bob off-guard, his eye looked like it had a big giant red golf ball in it. What the heck is up with Bob? Was the general consensus.
Word traveled fast, Bob was cornered but he had a pretty quick answer for his mutated eye. Apparently, Costas contracted a serious case of pink eye in Sochi, Japan. It became viral, no pun intended and it was everywhere media related. Slow but definite, there has been wide concern about the authentication of his story.
The reason why people were weary of Bob’s story is because that, even as visible as his nasty eye was, people noticed that the skin surrounding on his entire face had become virtually wrinkle free and for a gent at 62, that was kind of strange. What the heck is up with Bob?
Even though there has not been any confirmation of anything cosmetic, there are many who believe that he contacted a pink eye related disease through eyelid surgery and he must have gotten a facelift pretty much around the same time.

Under the Knife Points: Plastic Surgery Procedure Checklist

  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Facial Reconstruction

Bashful Bob

Bob Costas plastic surgery in the end went pretty well but boy, in the beginning it was a darned embarrassment for the old boy. Dude was just trying to hold on to a little youth just as a safekeep. He is a prolific guy and he simply wanted to extend his career, that’s all so chill dude. He eventually moved on from that and is still rockin’ his stuff, so everythings cool.