beyonce before and after plastic surgery

Beyonce Before and After Photos

Rumor Survivor

One of the greatest female singer/celebrity’s of the modern era, Beyonce is the theme of today’s event. Beyonce is under a little bit of a storm in the world of cosmetic alterations, which comes as no surprise because when you are an individual as beautiful and as powerful as her, there will always be gossip and repercussions of the occupation. Second verse, same as the first. beyonce plastic surgery is an intricate little web of factors. Is it possible that someone with a naturally built-in beauty and an incredible amount of fame would actually risk controversy for a little nip and tuck? You decide…..

“I love a pair of sexy heels with jeans, a nice jacket, or a little dress.”


Born on September 4, 1981, Beyonce Giselle Knowles made the role-call of life. She is a highly talented, R&B singer, whom before beginning her illustrious solo career, started out with the all-female soul group, Destiny’s Child. She is one of the greatest selling artist of all-time and her high-profile marriage to rapper, Jay-z, has made her royalty of the music world and she still remains at the very top.
There had been recently somewhat of a shock in regards to the possibility that Beyonce may have had a series of cosmetic procedures completed. Word has it that she might have had a Rhinoplasty, lip reduction, Botox and a skin lightening, possibly more.

The Writings on the Wall

To begin, the look of her nose recently has shown these sudden changes in the bridge area, thinned, smaller and also the nose has an all-around defines appearance that wasn’t there prior. The tip has really thinned out compared to how it used to look, so the chances that a Rhinoplasty was employed are good.
Her lips as well became a focal point, a noticeable thinner appearance came to the forefront. Is there a chance she may have gotten a lip augmentation? Sometimes as a person grows older, the lips naturally start to thin out, so that may be plausible but normally that process begins a little later on in life.
Beyonce also used to have these slightly deeper creases in her forehead that have vanished as to what feels like overnight. Her forehead has a new found tightness, with a youthful glare that wasn’t present before. Almost for certain does it look like she had gotten Botox injections in the forehead area.|Then lastly, her skin’s color and tone have drawn attention from her fans and outsiders. Her skin looks pronouncedly lighter than it ever has before. She has always been a little on the lighter side but what used to be a mocha tint is slowly turning into a cream color of sorts. Many prominent figures in plastic surgery have examined her latest photos and many are attributing her change in color as simply makeup, opposed to a procedure of any kind.

The Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Botox
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Skin Lightening

Still Ever the Queen

beyonce plastic surgery, at many levels seems like a possible work of fiction. Even though there are a few noticeable changes, once again. when a figure is as world famous as Beyonce, the imagination tends to swell up with delusions and questions of a persons faith to their naturally born body. It is almost like a wishful thinking for a downfall to a an image so perfect, and distributed as such, that they just need one mistake or flaw to better their self-esteem out of comparison. Whatever the case may be, it will never hurt Beyonce’s reputation one way or the other.