ann-margret plastic surgery

Ann-Margret Before and After Photos

Ann-Margret was considered a “sex kitten”. She owned a pair of legs that could run the gamut, across the stage, across the silver screen and across the hearts of men all across the country. This was the 60’s mind you, but if there was ever another Ann-Margret or a performer even remotely close to her prowess, the same reaction would commence as if time never skipped a beat. Her talents were special and with forty years of success in all facets of entertainment, they were proved genuine as well. Ann Margret plastic surgery in her particular case is the spectrum of two opposites. Is she that healthy and youthful at her age? Or did Ann-Margret get some work done to assist in her aging process?

 “I’ve always tried to do my very best, and I want to be the very best age, whatever age I am.”

Viva Las Vegas

The Multi-talented Ann-Margret was born on the 28th of April in 1941, in her native Sweden. Her family consisted of a very tight knit family who lived in a small fishing village relatively close in range of the Artic Circle. The family migrated to the states when she was vey young, choosing Chicago as their new home.
Ann was a shy, withdrawn child who had trouble adapting to her new way of life in America. As a form of therapy, Ann employed dancing and singing to help combat this adversity. She began to sing at weddings, church choirs and social events. Around the age of 14, she appeared frequently in school drama productions and she even won several talent contest.
After high school, she became a speech major at Northwestern University. Through the early goings of school, she formed a jazz trio with fellow students. She ended up withdrawing from school and touring with the band throughout Nevada. While performing in Vegas, Margret had the opportunity to audition for George Burns. He then invited her for a 10 day gig at the Sahara Casino which led to a string of rave reviews and those rave reviews led to an amazing future for Ann, including a RCA record contract and an astonishing seven year contract with Twentieth Century Fox.

You’re a Star Baby

What lay ahead for Ann-Margret was her leaving her incredibly, definitive stamp on Hollywood history. She would go on to star in major motion pictures with Elvis, she received an Academy Award Nomination plus she achieved huge triumphs over Broadway and Las Vegas. If a leader of the pack was ever chosen in her particular variety of entertainment and within her time period, Miss. Ann-Margret was would come out on top.

Wonder and Debate

When comes around to the speculations surrounding Ann-Margret and cosmetic surgery, some leading physicians have come out to lay their opens down. They speculate that there are several different methods of procedures employed on Margret. To begin, there appears to be some conclusive evidence that she has had an eye lift in the recent future, along with a series of different types of Botox shots and derm fillers. These shots are very effective in producing a new found elasticity of the skin to remove wrinkles properly.

Another is usually woman of her age bracket have cheeks that usually sink due to the loss of elasticity but with Margret, they appear very full and unnatural. she has not made any comments but also there have been zero reports of denials as well. Here is likely what Ann-Margret had done if it were a fact:


  • Eye lift/Possibly double
  • Botox shots/derm fillers
  • Possible facial reconstruction

The overall consensus of Anne Margret plastic surgery is that if she had really gone through with receiving plastic surgery, her doctors score a high A on a job well done. Virtually flawless but many individuals don’t even think she had anything done, so that is a crap shoot on what compliment you take and what angle you look at it from. One, is that the doctors did so well on her that it doesn’t even look like plastic surgery; meaning they weren’t to great so it looks like nothing was done. Two, she looks so good that the job they did was superior because it looks so natural. It always arrives and normally stops at speculation, so it is merely a guessing game. This is for sure, for her age, Ann-Margret looks great.