Beverly D Angelo Plastic Surgery

Beverly D Angelo Before and After Photos

Beverly’s Vacation

Beverly. Babelicious funny girl. Most the time anyhoo. She was Chevy Chase’s chick in the ‘Vacation’ series but the more and more that is heard, it makes a person wonder if she was really just getting a vacation from getting old. That’s right the knife. Beverly d Angelo plastic surgery is when a sexy comedian actress is at the threshold of no return. If she let herself go too far, could she come back? Could a person get to a certain age where plastic surgery is rendered useless? Let’s trace Beverly’s steps through life and then finally arrive at the moment when she looks eye to eye at the prize and the knife.

“To become a star is the beginning of the end. I don’t really want to be saddled with a screen persona.”


Born on November 15, 1951 in Columbus, Ohio, Miss. Beverly D’Angelo was raised by two musician parents. At a young age she grew a fascination with art and this later on led her to get a job at an animation studio before she eventually fled to Tinseltown.
Girl could sing up like nuttin’ bizness, so she did a little singing at a nightclub, coffee shop and then she even sang at booby bars. She was apparently was hard up for cash in those days, eh? She then got herself into a little shakespeare action and toured the country with a hella cool repertoire company.
Her success doing the ‘speare actually got her headlining Shakespeare themed rock musicals, girl was super duper rockin’ and people dug the vibe. Attention on D’Angelo was placed by the source, Hollywood, naturally dude. She made her debut in 1976 on television in a miniseries but then a breakthrough was-a-callin’ and that call was from acting/directing great Woody Allen. The Woodster wanted Beverly to be in his opus ‘Annie Hall’, and she said, heck yes!
D’Angelo has accumulated a pretty fine movie career throughout the years and as mentioned above, she was in the ‘National Lampoon’s’ Vacation series with Chevy Chase and this would be her defining achievement. She also was married to Al “likes to yell a lot” Pacino and had his twin babies. The couple later divorced, he yelled about it but she would keep it together, continuing steady activity to this day.

Honey, Did You See that D’Angelo Chick?

Rumors began to swirl when there was some dude sitting on his couch at about 12:30 in the morning, sitting there, he scratched his head and thought “Beverly is 63 years old and she doesn’t even have one wrinkle” and that is how it began. The word spread like a fire with an unheard of celsius.
Seriously though, her face looked super young and different out of nowhere and the people had a right to know. Smooth, radiant and tight, that is how her face looked as the limelight shown back down on her once again. Beautiful, a little strange because of her age, but beautiful,
Her lips looked like they may have made a dash at the knife as well, they looked rotund, oval and sexy, to be frank with ya. Baby girl had a new lease on life, she decided to pack it up and really go on a vacation, away from that particular thing called a birth year. She got the brochure the knife sent her and it was away we go pimpin’.

Under the Knife Points: The Plastic Surgery Checklist

  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Botox Injections

Betcha’ Beverly Did

Beverly d Angelo plastic surgery was a great success, she was lookin’ hot-to-trot and acting like it too. It looked like she subtracted 15 years off of that mug, good for her….the knife was kind. Hopefully, her new makeover can get her back in to a steady rotation of work again, or not, who knows man…what?