Alexa Ray Joel Nose Job

Alexa Ray Joel Before and After Photos

Appearances have become a thing of choice. Celebrities shed their flawed features as easily as they shed their old clothes. So it comes as no surprise when one of the most multifaceted person in the Hollywood Industry suddenly came on stage in a stunning makeover. Alexa Ray Joel, the only daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, sparked media controversy when she came forth during her performance at Cafe Carlyle, looking better than ever before. The dramatic alteration from her girl-next-door appearance to the more sultry looks have been the source of constant gossip. Rumor has it that it is the result of the singer having gone under the knife. If this is the case, Alexa wouldn’t be the first one to seek the refuge of plastic surgery to bring about a change in her appearance, nor the last.

“There’s no great shame in having your nose fixed. “

Alexa Ray Joel Before Nose Job

In her earlier pictures, Alexa’s nose appears visibly fuller, making an enormous difference to her entire face. The less than streamlined shape lends greatly to her overall appearance, and it is hardly a feature to be ignored. Having seen this, people have found themselves comparing her older pictures to her appearance today.

Alexa Ray Joel After Nose Job

Emerging in her new avatar, Joel has definitely made her mark in the eyes of the viewers. She has now come about, sexier than ever before, with a chiseled nose and a much more glamorous appearance. It has sparked media furore about the cause of this fabulous makeover. While no one is complaining, her nose has definitely seen a marked change. The singer may choose to not acknowledge it, but we definitely cannot take our eyes off of it.

Alexa Speaks: Her Reactions to The Speculations

Even as speculations rise high, the singer/songwriter has decided to speak up for herself. She has chosen to give answers for the various questions that are being thrown about, basing her new appearance on aging. The before and after pictures, she says, are a bit ridiculous, for the media is comparing her face at 28 to what she looked like when she was 18 and 19!

She further adds that rumors of plastic surgery are entirely false, for she doesn’t even dye her hair let alone would choose to go under the knife. The only surgery she has had was a rhinoplasty a few years ago, but there has definitely been no artificial change to her face recently, or so she claims. While her explanation seems plausible, it is a little difficult to digest that the sexy singer’s alluring new avatar is the product of aging alone.

Alexa Ray Joel Nose Job Surgery Results

Even if Alexa’s explanation is to be believed, there is no doubt that her new avatar is definitely for the better. It can be the perfect example of the advantage of science or the miracles of nature. Her transformation has definitely highlighted her face, lighting it up and giving it a more defined look. Her more sensual and seductive appearance is sure to win her a place amongst the most desirable women of the year. After all, with this new makeover, Alexa is now set to break more hearts than ever with her gorgeous looks and multi-talented personality.

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