Tina Louise Plastic Surgery

Tina Louise Before and After Photos

Her big entrance into the world of entertainment arrived at the very tender age of 2, when she became the star of television commercials.Tina Louise is a perennial triple threat because she can act, sing and dance and she does it with full on style. Her history with plastic surgery is questionable and as the speculations are concerned, there are many who agree that the reason why she has stayed so youthful is because Tina Louise plastic surgery is of utmost fact but we can learn more as we go along.

“I don’t think I was ravishing, but I think I was pretty.”

A little Backstory

Born on February 11, 1935 in New York City, Tina Louise has, through the passages of time, made a household name of herself as her talents have been inescapably respected around the whole world. She came into prominence in the cult classic TV show, “Gilligan’s Island”, and from there the world just couldn’t get enough of her.

Louise has made it to the age of 80 in stellar shape but there are those out there who think that her stellar shape wasn’t done in the natural fashion, meaning cosmetic surgery. The rumor mill began circulating so much that the word has spread out to the general public.

Her name as an actress has faded a little but her name is still in bright lights when controversy is concerned. She just has kept such a youthful appearance that it has to make people wonder just how that was possible. It is claimed by many that she has indeed had all kinds of procedures done and that she has had some as of late to keep her looks in balance. She does look to have had several surgeries done, just by glance, so it can be safe to say that she likely started out relatively young in the matter.

Tina’s in the Rumor Mill

It looks like she has had several procedures done in the facial area, the reports have claimed that she has undergone Botox injections, facial reconstruction and a Rhinoplasty, to help in the elimination of her enhanced age.

The area surrounding her mouth looks to have gotten Botox injections. Some of her recently passed pictures show an elevated amount of wrinkles surrounding her mouth and by the looks of her current pics, they have been totally eliminated. There also appears to be more strength and structure in that area.

Her facial region pics agree with recent the speculations regarding a face lift. The entire facial region looks pulled and super tight and in some pics, rather uncomfortable. The work itself is decent but even though it eliminates wrinkles, the way the work was performed, you can’t help but notice that a face lift has certainly undergone a surgery of some kind.

Bestow the New Nose

New pics also reveal a Rhinoplasty was performed. Odd that a woman of her age would worry about something like the nose that late in life but apparently it has been on her mind. The work looks good and it almost has more of a broad look than it has before. There is more of a presence now. Her earlier photos show a nose that was almost degrading with age but she felt the work needed to be done and it appears that it has.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Botox Injections
  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Rhinoplasty

Tina Makes a Beauty Comeback

Tina Louise plastic surgery, albeit a little unusual for a woman her age, still made quite the impact nonetheless. She certainly knew who to go through and the work was tops to say the least. Not quite sure if she will be applying her new found work to any acting gigs but if she just wanted to look beautiful, she nailed it.