5 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Breast Implants

Things to Consider Before Getting Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is by far the most popular and most sought out plastic surgery operation in the world, with the numbers reaching up as far as 300,000 procedures on a yearly basis in the US only!
Regardless of all the positive outcomes that are obtained through the enlargement of the breast (such as raise of self-esteem), there are always downfalls, concerns and risks that come with it, just like anything in life. Below are 5 things you need to know before getting breast implants.

Choosing the Right Clinic

There have been many malpractices, complaints and inquiries which involve clinics that are operated poorly. Those type of situations can be averted by the simple act of good research and making sure that every vital question doesn’t go unsaid. What is the number of patients who have had their procedures there? Have they been properly regulated? How long has the business been in operation?
By using social media and online forums, you can get great resources and references regarding potential clinics. Independent review sites are an excellent source of legit reviews from people which pertain to the business in question and similar operations for what you are looking to get done.

Finding the Right Surgeon

If the clinic is a reputable one, they will employ quality and capable surgeons. This shouldn’t keep you from still looking around for a credible surgeon that fits your needs the most. A legit surgeon will never take offense if you ask them to see their credentials and qualifications. If they have them, they are usually very happy to show you. Make sure to inquire about the before and after photos to clarify if that is exactly what you want. Also, like the clinic search, search for reviews and referrals in online forums and social media. It is an important element that you feel as comfortable as possible with your prospective surgeon.

The Cost Factor

There are hordes of people out there who are enticed by the prospect of cheap procedures or discounted breast augmentations overseas. The concept of saving money and healing in the soothing rays of the foreign sun, it is too much of risk to take. You need to ask yourself why is the procedure cheap? Is the equipment or the implants cheap or poorly made? Is the surgeon experienced? Is the clinic regulated or full registered? Thousands of people a year have procedures done on a yearly basis abroad that risk several problems which can manifest. Many clinics overseas have poor quality and poor efficiency and don’t regulate as efficiently as most in the United States and Europe.
So if you do decide to make a surgery overseas , make sure to check into the important details: Who is the surgeon, How is the clinic etc.

The Aftercare

The care that you ultimately get in the time after your procedure is as important as the procedure itself. Foreign procedures make it very difficult because when you need to see your surgeon for a follow-up in the event of displeasure, the obvious distance between you and the clinic make that a serious complication. If they don’t have follow-ups, ask them exactly why they don’t. If they are unsure, inquire about their aftercare policy in writing, so you will have the proof in the event that there are issues.


The decision to get breast implants is a huge decision that will require a surgery which will be invasive. Make sure to ask if that is the ideal surgery for you or if there are any alternatives that may better suit you. Fat transfer, is a procedure that is lightly invasive, which will add volumes and increases the bust which utilizes the unwanted fat from around the body and it is added to the bust area. If you are simply looking for a fullness as opposed to an overhaul of size and dimensions, this may be the better option for you.