Cosmetic Surgery Risks

The Dangers of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is becoming more and more commonplace with a popularity steadily continues it’s rise. Even when knowledge of the risks of these procedures are known, plastic surgery’s acquisitions show no signs of slowing down. Thankfully, with the surge of technology, safety measures in cosmetic procedures have increased considerably.
Advancements of techniques and the progression of modern instruments have also improved the overall success in surgery. One of the most crucial aspects which one should consider prior to utilizing plastic surgery is to search for a plastic surgeon who has adequate qualifications and a positive reputation that can be verified by legit and reliable sources. Even when technology has soared to these new and elevated heights for which it has, nothing could ever replace skill, knowledge and the keen sense of awareness like a capable plastic surgeon.
Complications and the risks are luckily on the decline these days but it always benefits the prospective patient greatly if they had an proper acknowledgment and understanding of the terms and complications. From this point on, you will be thoroughly informed of all the possible risks that are associated with cosmetic surgery to help in bettering your final decision before you decide.


Typically known to occur a few hours post-surgery, bleeding, while still a phenomenon, presents itself on a regular basis. When there is accumulation and blood clotting underneath the skin, this disorder is commonly referred to as Hematoma. The disorders appearance is characterized by a color and feel of the overlaying skin which often varies in color in the ranges of blue and purple.


A staple on the list of the most common side effects, scarring is the byproduct which occurs as the result of a wound that has an incapability of healing. During this stage of healing, the skin’s edge can often thicken, which may lead to the formation of granular tissue. Hiding the scars in those areas is common practice for surgeons, usually when the scarring is not visible. A good example is during a breast augmentation the incision line will be hidden under the crease of the breast.
Today there are different treatments and unti scar creams that might help reduce scar’s size and make them less visible.

Nerve Damage

Usually a rare occurrence when there is numbing and a tingling sensation which comes as a result of nerve damage. These symptoms can last upwards to a year and it is considered a form of paralysis for which may be experienced in specific muscles. Most times the damage can be alleviated by reconstruction surgery.


When the wounds are open, secondary lines of infection may occur within the patient. The entrance of a wound will make for better accessibility to viral pathogens and for bacteria much easier via the drain site or sutures. Because of the occurrence, antibiotics before and after the surgery are administered.


When an area of the surgery suffers minimal air supply, there is a death of tissues that can occur as a result. Those particular surgeries when this can happen are breast reductions, face lifts and tummy tucks. The disorder always increases when inflammation becomes present. Smokers are the individuals who are most at risk, due to the constriction of the blood vessels and when a person oxygen supply is lessened.

Awareness for a Better Choice

Having an awareness prior to an admittance of a procedure is a highly important set of information to have. Suffering from any of these disorders post surgery minus the awareness can be frightening let alone hazardous. Also, there are particular diseases such as hemophilia and crohn’s disease which can lead to abnormal bleeding after surgery. Now that you have this awareness, you can make your final decision with a good amount of confidence.