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Yoona. SNSD. Yoona is SNSD. The girl rocks. She is probably considered the most popular member of SNSD. Yoona plastic surgery tells the tale of when the most esteemed member of a world famous pop group, that is on top of the world, looks to the knife to give her the edge in which she seeks it for…outdueling the competition. She might be the prettiest of the group, but how does she stack up against the knife? Shall we…..

“In the future, I also want to show a different side of me”


Born on May 30, 1990, Seoul, South Korea. In 2002, she was cast for an open audition casting call for SM Entertainment for the services of her talents in singing, acting and dancing.She had been with SM for 7 years. Then on a day that started out like any other, she arrived at the SM Entertainment. On that day nine different girls were auditioning there for different reasons. Little did Yoona know that soon those eight other girls and her would create magic and music that would inspire a nation.
SNSD was born in June 2007 and they would rock the socks off South Korea, and throw them into a frenzy. Their fanbase would grow almost overnight and they became marketing machines. Yoona slowly assumed leadership of the group and the spotlight would grow brighter and focus a little more on her than the others.

A New Yoona

Speculations of plastic surgery weren’t just squarely on Yoona, they were on the whole group. But we are here to focus on Yoona today. If SNSD were the Beatles, she would be John Lennon.
After a little before and after picture examinations, people, especially fans started to spot the changes that had taken place with Yoona’s facial appearance. Her nose became a primary focus. It had gone from a rather stubby type of nose into a more refined, sleek and a little more feminine. The attention to detail was amazing and when you got Yoona on the receiving end of the knife, your accuracy becomes a little more intune and whoever the surgeon, it was done excellently.
Next on the list of speculations were her breast. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to see the change in them, the girl sprouted overnight. It became so noticed that the keyword of “Yoona breast” became a huge term online. Her breast are bigger, no doubt but they were done classy, and very healthy. Yoona now had bonafide cleavage and she was going to flaunt it.
Her jawline is another one, she was clearly shooting for the defined jaw model look. If that is what she was shooting for then she scored…3 pointer. It is done so well that if you had no idea of her past and that was the first time you saw her, you would think that was her natural born look.
Last but not least, she definitely looks like she had some Botox injections in her lips. They are more plump and healthy looking. Almost looks like she was slightly going for a Barbara Streisand look but thats purely doubtful.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure List

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Botox injection / lips
  • Jaw augmentation
  • Breast augmentation


Yoona and her surgeons had a clear plan set into place, perfecting every detail of the vision she had for herself. Perfection in cosmetic surgery, thats what it is. She looks absolutely gold. If she was the leader before, there may be the possibility of growing animosity setting in with these new additions.
Yoona plastic surgery is a great example of how it’s done. It is a clinic and a standard in plastic surgery. She is the new poster child of pop. She is so talented and attractive, that the chance of her making it big in the states are looking better everyday. All hail, the beauty and talent that is…..Yoona.




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