Vivica Fox Before and After Photos

Vivica the Fox

Easily one of the hottest women alive, Vivica Fox has been a mainstay in motion pictures since the mid 90’s. As of late, like the last ten years, Vivica fox’s appearances in the spotlight have been few and far between. At 50, even beauties get old and wrinkle up. What is this hottie to do to keep it going? oh..we know..yes we do. Vivica Fox plastic surgery pays tribute to the knife in a revival of a babes career. Did it work? if not, will it eventually? let’s take a gander, shall we?

“A great figure or physique is nice, but it’s self-confidence that makes someone really sexy.”


Born on July 30, 1964, in South Bend, Indiana, Vivica Fox growing up had a passion for sports and for celebrities. By her senior year in high school Fox had dreams of stardom and after graduating from high school, she decided to make a move to Los Angeles to give her shot at making it as an actress.
She got her big break in acting in true Hollywood style when she literally was taken off the street by producer Trevor Walton. He helped her get a start in hiring her to do some commercials and by 1988 she got a recurring role on the television drama “China Beach”. Fox slowly gained more roles on several popular prime-time shows.
Her big screen breakout came in the 1996 blockbuster, “Independence Day” and from there she would gain more and more starring roles and a place in the top tier of Tinseltown.

At The Mercy of The Knife

Babes do get old, they do see their careers waning and it has got to be a little scary. Most of these celebrities never made skills or any other kind of career options when that wild hair of Hollywood came calling.
So when the stick of butter that you always put on your bread melts away, there aren’t many other options to support your lifestyle with…..But what do you use to apply your butter to the bread?….that’s right folks, you guessed it…the knife.
Rumors flowed like wine after people noticed an elevated swelling and a ripple were caught on camera of Vivica’s breast. Her embarrassment was painfully obvious. Even out of human remorseless, the public still didn’t stop throwing stones.
On Top of that, they notices that her upper lip was swollen, which looked like collagen or a Botox injection.
The lashing didn’t stop there, fingers raised from her upper lip even further when accusations of a nose job were made, leaving Vivica in the wake of a new found sadness and a painful kind of embarrassment one shouldn’t have t suffer with. It was cruel and unforgivable those weeks of intimidation and hardship that she had to live with.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure List

  • Botox injection
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Breast augmentation

The Fantastic Mrs. Fox

Sleepless nights and dark visions of the knife crept intensely and it weighed on Vivica. She knew what had to be done, bow down before the crowds and admit the truth. And that is precisely what she did, She told the truth about her secret affair with the knife in an attempt to turn her dying career around. At that moment, the people understood her and they felt honored by her sincerity of what she relayed upon them.
Once these truths found the light of day, Vivica gained the respect and admiration that once was the pulse of her life and career. Her surgery came out beautifully. She was stunning and youthful once again and the people could feel her joyousness.
Vivica Fox plastic surgery was the true definition of perfection, from every angle. A woman who was scorned by her fans and by the public was turned around by the good deed of honesty and virtue. This may very well shoot her right back to the top, even at her age. The knife, yet again frees another soul to happiness. Then again…maybe not, the knife works in mysterious ways. Always stay tuned for more….if you dare.