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SNSD Before and After Photos

It’s an SNSD Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand

They are the Backstreet Boys or maybe even the New Kids On the Block of South Korea. They are the power girl group that America never had, unless you count that fleeting moment of time when the Spice Girls reigned back in the late 90’s. SNSD or “Girl’s Generation” is a South Korea’s answer to a luxury the United States never had. The girls like to look good, thats a certainty, and they are young but when you are trying your darndest to be the sexiest thing since those Spice Girls, you gotta make a date with the knife…or did they? lets check it out.


In June of 2007, this group of girls were all aspiring individual talents who were put together by their talent agency after promotional videos were shown of each member. They would become SNSD, put together and unified as a sisterhood of singing, acting and dancing triple threats. The girls released their first single and album in January 2007, but it wasn’t until a couple years later that any of their releases would get acclaim.
As of 2009, the band was officially icon status in South Korea, the people genuinely loved them. In 2010, they released the album ‘Oh!’ and then the single “Run Devil Run”. The groups image went from cute girl next doors to sexy vixens who were ready for the next stage in the typical evolution of female pop stars.
In 2011, They released their third album ‘The Boys’ which made waves because it was released simultaneously throughout the world. ‘The Boys’ made it to #2 on the World Album Charts in the United States.
The entertainment world in South Korea was turned upside down when the speculations of SNSD, as a whole, received plastic surgery…thats the whole band waltzing to the tune of the knife. The knife had to get busy, a little overtime goes a long way.
Everybody, just to get this out of the way, “take a deep breath”. The pain must be overwhelming, knowing that SNSD has given us false impressions of their beauty. This dark reality has overshadowed any thoughts of well being in just knowing that their appearances have been nothing but a mere mirage of plastic surgery. “Exhale” now…relax…..let’s begin with the rumors.

Speculations of an SNSD Variety

The before and afters said a lot. Nose jobs were done for the entirety of the group. Taeyeon had definite changes in her eyelids. Now they are much wider and stronger looking. Yoona had her nose and jawline altered. Her nose is finer and her jawline is more defined and sexier. Tiffany also had her nose done and her eyes, it looks like a double eyelid for her as well.
Hyoyeon had the most work done, she literally went totally Joan Rivers. She had her lower eyelids done, nose, jaw line and lips. Jessica got her jawline and nose done.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure List

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Jaw augmentation
  • Double eyelid surgery
  • Lower eyelid surgery
  • Botox / lips


Whether the girls look “hotter” or simply more attractive is a case of objectiveness. One thing is for sure, the surgeries were a success. There were no flaws of any kind, or at least that was what was reported anyway.
SNSD plastic surgery was a winner. That is good too, these girls are in their prime. If the knife would have lost his head and slipped, leaving a boo boo, there would have been a riot in SNSD land. Let’s wish these girls success and gold records for the rest of their career.