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Whitney Cummings Before and After Photos

At Whit’s End

A sexy actress, known for a sass and a sarcastic sense of humor. Only 32, she has produced various sitcoms and her very own sitcom. Whispers were abound for Whitney, speculations were summoned regarding Whitney Cummings plastic surgery.

“I don’t want to look at myself – ever. All I see is that my face is a problem. It’s asymmetrical. I get terrible bags under my eyes.”


Born on September 4, 1982. Whitney Cummings has become renowned and well loved starting with her role on the MTV comedy show “Punk’d”, She has been behind the scenes quite a bit, creating shows like”Two Broke Girls” and her very own show “Whitney.” Her personal show took a hit in the ratings and was quickly canceled but her creation of Two Broke Girls has turned out to be quite a highly successful endeavor.

A few years back it was suddenly noticeable that her appearance had changed form  in her nose, lips and her eyes. Considering that she is only 32, it would make sense that if she really did get some work done, it would be limited at best. There has been no mention by her or her people if any of these claims are of actuality true or not.

Cummings Get Me

When Cummings appeared at the benefit, her nose was quickly noticed as it gave off a visibly slimmer look with the tip especially narrowed. The job in itself was performed with the utmost care and skill and when examined close-up there isn’t a flaw in sight.

Her lips were also the center of talks as they had given off a classic fillers puffiness and shape that is always associated with the treatment. They have a round, slightly oval change to them that could be attested to a change but there are factors such as makeup which could alter the overall look of her lips sans any procedures.

Her eyes were the last to be mentioned in the group. What the people said was that she had a more cat-like quality to them that was a little different than before. This change in particular was one they mention as a lesser chance of a procedure because of the slightness in the supposed change but apparently it was worth noting.

Like a Surgeon

Some well-known surgeons have come out on Cummings behalf that have cited the rumors are ludacris and are hurtful but there have also been some other reputable surgeons who have disagreed with the those surgeons comments and they firmly believe that she indeed employed a little cosmetic surgery at the very least.

Under the Knife points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Dermal fillers Injection
  • Eyelid Surgery

Whitney Got Punk’d

Whitney Cummings surgery is a little bit of a mixed-bag but if one were to take sides on a verdict, the verdict would likely be not guilty by reasons of speculation. Listen, This babe is at the top of her game right now, living the high life, there is always going to be haters around and there isn’t a whole lot that can be done about it because it is simply human nature. They want what Cummings has and they can’t have it so they decide to start a rumor that could tarnish her career just in spite. It could be possible but also so could her actually procedures getting done as well, so in the end…you decide.



    • I know right? Some people say she did a good job, didnt overdo it etc… But thats just a matter of time. If you can do this to yourself before age of 32, you sure as hell will do it when you hit 40.
      Such a shame women think surgery is the way to go.

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