tameka cottle plastic surgery

Tameka Cottle Before and After Photos

She Wants to Xscape

This is a singer and songwriter who is renowned and respected by her peers and especially by her fans. Tameka Cottle is the real deal and she has an award to prove it. Her talent is the sole reason why she rose to the heights of fame and with her role in the all female R&B group “Xscape”, sold her to the millions of ticket buying fans. Tameka Cottle plastic surgery has been the main topic that has been regarding her as of late, what does this story actually entail?

Tameka Cottle was born in July 14, 1975 in College Park, Georgia. Her talents as a singer are immeasurable but her songwriting craft is what beckoned the stars impending fame. She has wrote for many well known groups, especially, TLC, for which she won a Grammy with the song, “No Scrubs.” She is also famous for her slight frame and her shortness in height. She still continues to write songs and contribute success to the many who employ her services.

An Attempt at Sexy

Tameka started to get the attention of the public when her body started to show some serious changes that just didn’t appear to be of the norm. She has been acknowledged as a woman who was doing all that she could to make it as a pop star after many years of behind the scenes writing for the ones who got all the credit. She was average looking at best and with her sudden new changes in appearance, she certainly Xscaped the average.

She is only 39 years old but what the fans saw was a woman who looked at the most twenty and they wondered exactly how she was pulling it off. There are several sources who claim that Tameka utilized a handful of cosmetic procedures that result in her new look. The before and afters show a woman who went from an absolute definition of sweet and innocent to a woman who is a full blown diva.

Botox for the Lady

The first thing to mention is the likely use of Botox that Tameka had likely applied. There was only minimal wrinkles and sagging before but her face tightened up overnight, the entirety and even her neck appeared to have possibly received the treatment as well.

Her lips appear to be considerably more sensual and fuller and when one examines these types of alterations, it looks to be a case of dermal fillers for Tameka, especially after viewing the before and after photos.

She Got a C, the Surgery Got a D

Her bosom no doubt got the attention of speculations with a vast increase in size. He new breast appear to be bigger, rounder and in the cleavage are tighter. The exact cup size of her new breast look like a C but it can’t be determined completely.

An interesting feature of her new look appears to be that of butt implants. Tameka, especially for an African American had a relatively flat buttocks. Her before and after photos show a buttox that had visibly gained a roundness and an overall shapelier look to it. The surgery really did appear to improve her buttox’s look and it suits her altogether.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Botox
  • Dermal Injections
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Butt Implants

Tameka Could Have Done Better

Tameka Cottle plastic surgery as a whole, failed considerable. The look she was shooting for was done in an unprofessional manner it seems. Too many of the ares looked a little rough around the edges, plus the procedures himself did not appear to be finished up in the right manner.