Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery

Valerie Harper Before and After Photos

Rhoda Forever

A funny gal that made an impression through the lens at into our homes, in what feels like could have been a lifetime ago, that was Rhoda. This is Valerie Harper, a funny gals who look stands still with time, just like her old syndicates. Valerie Harper plastic surgery will give all of us an idea if she looked into man’s little fountain of youth or is it just a daily OD of nutrients that keep her looking like a fresh faced 60 something. What could it be? You decide….

“I’m trying to live every moment as much as I can.”

On Hard Times

Valerie Harper was born on August 22, 1939. She was TV’s “Rhoda”, a sitcom that sits in a small handful of classic television elites. Because of that past is the reason why Harper’s name still keeps relevant and why we are talking about her at this current juncture. Sadly, a couple years ago, Harper was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer but she has made the very best of it, as she has outlived many doctors survival times and by a lot.
It is true, Valerie Harper’s appearance hasn’t changed a great deal over the years, so something has to be said for it. There have been enough rumblings in the media and by her circle of fans to get right back to her but as of yet, no reply. Just by looking at some her various photos in the last ten years, you can see quite a trend of changed not normally possible in a ten year bracket of life.

The Rumor Mill Spins…

There have been a few sources to come flat out and claim she has indeed had a plastic surgery procedure but the source of those sources reliability is questionable. Many folk simply want to harmlessly know what has happened to her. The speculation brews, combust and releases into a storm of questions and wonder.
At the head of the rumors are reasonable presumptions of a face lift and botox. A picture that was just taken last year at an awards ceremony even shows a face that looks vastly different in tone and with considerably noticeable change in the shape, if analyzed with an educated eye.
Her face has lost a large amount of wrinkles, to be sure and in the area of her cheekbones it has a pretty noticeable tightness that wasn’t present before. Wrinkles are virtually non-existent and if you stick a magnifying glass to both photos, there is drastic change for sure, however, if there was work done, it actually looks good.
Her forehead it immensely tighter and absolutely sans fine lines or creases and with a woman of her years that isn’t almost unheard of, it is unheard of. It comes down to two things, either she is from another dimension or she has employed the use of plastic surgery…we will have to put our vote in on the latter.

Under the Knife Points: The Plastic Surgery Checklist

  • Facelift
  • Botox Injections

Rhoda for Hire

Whether she got procedures done or not, Valerie Harper plastic surgery is alright with us. The people still dig her and her health has certainly seen better days, so let a woman treat herself to a little cosmetic lovin’. Rhoda is legend and legends never grow old.