Taylor Armstrong plastic surgery

Taylor Armstrong Before and After Photos

No Ordinary Housewife

Housewife…real housewife. A television personality and philanthropist, Taylor Armstrong is the epitome of the American dream. Her key turns in defining, symbolic moments that grab the true essence of reality television. There can only be one, Taylor Armstrong. She is one of the pivotal names and figures of the culture shifting reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. To know Taylor, you must first understand her. To Understand Taylor is to know her. Taylor Armstrong plastic surgery is your first hand glimpse at the moment when a real housewife decided to turn back the clock and get back to the basics by revealing the beauty that is busting at the seams to be viewed by the curious eyes of the Country.


On Jun 10, 1971, Taylor Armstrong was born in Independence, Kansas. At Union High school, Taylor was a cheerleader, graduating in 1989.
Taylor’s claim to fame and break into the heart of pop culture arrived in 2010 in the hit reality series “Housewives of Beverly Hills”. She also serves as one of the directors at
An unfortunate series of events took place during the filming of “Housewives”, Taylors estranged husband russell, after months of domestic battles and some hanus legal issues involving both of them, killed himself by hanging. There had been a build up of domestic violence towards her for quite a while now and things came to a really sad and bizarre climax.
Armstrong overtime has proven herself to be a of strong stock, emotionally she is a powerhouse whose overcome some pretty long odds. Everyday has been a battle, she and her 7 yr old daughter have fought the adversity of loss, media hounding and legal battles pretty much on a daily basis. The women from “Housewives”, not only are close friends but because the tragedy that has befallen Taylor, it has brought the cast so nuch closer, to the point where they can call each other family.

Rumors of Plastic Surgery

Taylor Armstrong is a very beautiful woman. She clearly takes great care of herself. Her obsession over youth and vanity sometimes may be a little overwhelming, but when a common woman gets thrust into a spotlight so bright, so immediately, it can impress big changes on an overall personality. There has been talk through social media and media outlets of the solid likelihood of Armstrong partaking in cosmetic surgery, let’s see what the people have to say in regards to her sudden notable changes:

(1) One of the first items that were noticed was Armstrong’s lips. There is a prominent poet and an overall change in the shape, robust and balanced are a couple of the words that were thrown around.

(2) A significant change in her facial structure has been noticed, mentions of her jawline looking more chiseled and defined. Some have said it almost appeared as if her lips were balanced just so, perfectly in line with the supposedly new jawline.

(3) There is also talk of breast implants, Armstrong has gotten her breast done years ago but it is told that a lot of woman these days are getting “remodeling” done and basically a touch-up or an update of sorts. Girls gotta update the goodies you know. Here is a assumed list of the likely procedures Armstrong has done recently:

Under the Knife Points:

  • Botox lip injections
  • Chin lift
  • Face lift (unsure)
  • Breast augmentation

A Well Deserved Nip and Tuck

Taylor Armstrong plastic surgery was done very well. She is staying quiet but if you do the usual routine of checking the befores and afters, it reallly seems likely that is what took place. She has gone through quite a bit lately in her personal life, so she deserves to do something that makes her feel good and by judging how she looks, she must feel great!