Angelababy  Before and After Photos

The Legend of Angelababy

Angelababy plastic surgery….wow, rockin. She is a stunner, she is young and by all means the girl is talented. She is a Chinese model, singer and actress who has soared to the stratosphere of fame in Hong Kong. She is the Jennifer Lawrence of China. Her dance with the knife has become news in itself. The young woman is only 25 and yet here she is, making the deal with our friend, Mr. Knife. What is a girl to do? and why has she lowered herself under his majesties table for a little nip and tuck? Come along then if you wish to find out.

Angelababy Bio

Born in Shanghai on February 28, 1989, Angelababy grew up in Hong Kong. Part of her unique and just awesomely beautiful looks is that she is a quarter German, taken from her grandfather. As a child, she grew an intense interest in fashion.
The mix of her love for fashion and her beautiful appearance gave her the opportunity to be signed with the modeling agency, Style International Management when she only just 14 years old. Later on she starred in some popular web series, which is really huge in Japan. Between starring in those and signing with Samsung and other big companies, the girl continues to be the equivalent of a rock star in China.

She Got the Knife Deluxe

Between the time she started modeling at 14 and now, the transformation that she has undergone is remarkable, and maybe a little too remarkable. To say that plastic surgery is speculated would be an understatement that could bounce and echo off every mountainside on the planet. The girl isn’t just suspected, she is a downright offender of the knife and his irresistible wares.
Major changes were noticed in her eyes, leading to the obvious suspicion of double eyelid surgery. Her eyes are incredibly wide know and the difference between the past and present can catch a person off guard.
Her nose went from being a little crooked to looking like a nose that was sculpted off the face of an angel(no pun intended), the bridge of her nose was heightened and refined, a total 180 degree turn in that department, almost shocking the changes that took place with Angelababy.
Then her jaw, in model terms of course, was slightly protruding, so it was slimmed down quite a bit to giveing her face a more lean and sexier physique. They really did a lot of work with it and healing must have been a lengthy process.
Surgery was also done on her chin to have it elongated. Now her face has been put together like fine art on a canvas, or even like a doll. with her it almost becomes a case of the extreme but she and her managers apparently felt it was the right thing to do.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure List

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Chin Augmentation
  • Double eyelid surgery
  • Jaw augmentation

That Girl Worked it to the Nines

The knife had quite the heydey on Miss. Angelababy. What exactly went through the mind of her and her agents to do such extreme plastic surgical work on somebody so young and already beautiful. Maybe it is merely a different culture or they are just trying to capitalize off her beauty while they can.
Angelababy plastic surgery is an extreme case of vanity meets the knife. An odd story to behold. It is as if the girl was a puppet like Pinnochio being put together by gepeto, Anyhoo, the girl is a phenomenal beautiful little thing and she apparently needed to change her look up to dazzle her audience, The knife got some overtime on that. Cheers for now and what other stories of the knife will come forward?….in time.