Amanda Bynes plastic surgery

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This is the Amanda Show!

Hey, lets just start off by saying, girl’s got issues going on that we would require a separate article for, make that 20, but with the subject in question, Amanda Bynes plastic surgery is of the essence and a peek further into to this little case is a certainty. So let’s get a little crazy in honor of her highness, Amanda Bynes.

“I’ve never wanted to be the hottest star. I always wanted to do good movies.”

Crazy Babe-O-Graphy

On April 3, 1986 in Thousand Oaks, California, Amanda Bynes was born. Amanda was what you’d call, a child actress and she started her illustrious career at the young age of 7, when she starred in a Nestle candy ad. The girl no doubt had natural comedic talent, it of course got noticed, then she made her way to the Nickelodeon Network with a weekly appearance in the show “All That.”
Very soon, she would get her very own show titled “The Amanda Show” which would earn her three Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, way to go Amanda! Then, at the meager age of 15, he would leap onto the big screen in the film “ Big Fat Liar.” Shortly after that cinematic milestone, she went on to star in the WB network’s “What I like About You”.
From the mid-2000’s on up, she would grace the silver screen even more, becoming quite the movie star but things would get a little strange for Amanda.
Bynes quickly became tabloid fodder, drunk driving, drugs, weird behaviour, psychiatric clinic stays, totally threw Amanda into a different light and a different reality, for her anyway. There was supposed schizophrenia and bipolar diagnosis, the works. As of recently, she has been in trial for her troubles.

Crazy as a Bat…Yes, Plastic Surgery..Heck Yes

For many of the speculation kings and queens out there in the world, this one is just a little too easy and it doesn’t pose any of that challenge buzz that they so crave. Would you like to know why? Very simple indeed, she said so.
Amanda, for reasons unknown, just loves to talk about her rendezvous with the knife, she’s darn proud of it too. For starts, she got a nose job in 13, and at the time the media kept using her old pics to use while they discussed how nuts she is. She wouldn’t have any of that, no sir, “The reason I’ve asked all magazines and blogs to stop using old photos of me is I don’t look like that anymore!” and Miss. Bynes continued by stating, “I had a nose job to remove skin that was like a webbing in between my eyes. I wasn’t going to tell anyone, but I look so much prettier in my new photos that I don’t want old photos used anymore!” ahh, atta girl. From the horses mouth, ladies and gents..from the horses mouth.

The World Has Got to Know!

The next one was about her breast, she waited, timed immaculately for the storm to brew, for the questions to slowly rise like a boiling tea pot and she got what she wanted. Rumors began circulating about an increase in her bust. This was Amanda’s moment to shine, her response was non-verbal but she gave the adoring public tweeted photos of herself with only a bra on, just to finally kill our suspense. Not only is she a little nuts but apparently she likes it that way. She needed to her look her best spending the rest of her life in court…Yay!

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Breast Augmentation

Amanda Bynes plastic surgery went well and she states that the natural look of her new nose is due to getting 3 different procedures done on it. According to her, the surgeries were so miniscule that she didn’t have to even receive anesthesia. That means she got to look face to face with Mr. Knife, thats pretty cool right? Things appear to be going in the same direction with Amanda’s life but she looks good, so everything’s cool.