Sandara Park Plastic Surgery

Sandara Park Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

There is no shortage of beautiful men and women in South Korea. The physical appearance is something that the country takes a lot of pride in. So, you could only imagine that something like plastic surgery is hugely popular and it is something which continues to become more and more of a resort to keep up with appearances. South Korea’s entertainment industry has really adopted this mindset and it’s actors and actresses look to this cosmetic enhancing process as a basic rite of passage these days. Sandara Park’s plastic surgery is one of the latest South Korean cosmetic stories which have been taking the country by storm.

Sandara Park is well-known as “Dara 2NE1” and she has been at the head of a few plastic surgery speculations. The 29 year old actress, who has an immense following in South Korea and even a little bit of a following within the U.S., has been reported to have undergone procedures such as a nose job, eyelid surgery and there is a possibility that she may have obtained a little botox as well.

Her Eye’s Have taken on a New identity

The first reported surgery to have taken place is that of an eyelid surgery. The previously embraced traditional Korean look has been replaced with an ideal only attainable through plastic surgery. The entertainment industry in South Korea has really been pushing for their stars to possess a look that is wide-open and vibrant. This is likely one of the central reasons why Park likely had opted for the eyelid surgery. Her eyes really have taken on a new identity, with a full and open look that was not there previously. The work was done very professionally and with good skill.

The second surgery which had been documented was a Rhinoplasty. The changes from this particular procedure from looking at the before and after pictures really show clearly. When she was younger, her nose possessed a bit of a bulbous quality to it, nothing too major, but enough to make her standout from the others. Lately, her nose possesses a much thinner and more narrow appearance. The nostrils in particular have been slimmed down to compliment the various changes which her nose has undergone.

Fans to the Rescue

Park has not come out directly and said anything in the regards as to whether or not that the rumors are true, but it seems pretty obvious and there hasn’t been any clear indications which state otherwise. Many of her fans have stood by her side and supported Park in the regards that they believe that the rumors are nothing but fictitious. This is just a good example of die-hard fans and their willingness to come to the rescue of someone who they look up to.  Clearly it looks to be a thing of pride and not something which is realistic.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Rhinoplasty

Park Went with the Flow

Sandara Park’s plastic surgery wasn’t anything too special or something that has sparked more controversy than any other plastic surgery story. It was merely about an actress who kept up with the flow of her industry and had obtained the popular look of her fellow country and that is about it.