Selena Gomez Breast Implants

Selena Gomez Breast Implants – Before and After Pictures

She started out as merely a child star, but Selena Gomez has transformed into a young lady with one heck of a career brewing as we speak. As a child, she made her debut on the well-known 90’s children’s television show “Barney and Friends.” Continuing since then, you see her virtually everywhere and her music career is as prolific and well recognized as Madonna and Taylor Swift. Our little girl-next-door has morphed into quite the woman and the only way to ring in that fact is by speculations regarding speculations that Selena Gomez had breast implants is looking more like a true true story.

“I realize everybody wants what they don’t have. But at the end of the day, what you have inside is much more beautiful than what’s on the outside!”

These rumors are very well warranted as well because there have been some recent pics that have made the online forum circuit which have all depicted Gomez with an apparently new and improved cleavage.

The Nation Watches Gomez

The speculations have been running amok in regards to her breast size and it is the kind of attention that is capturing attention on a national scale. Some have even gone on to say that it is something that is completely career-driven, hoping that her newfound assets will bring in even more fans to her already bloated fanbase.

Her bra size has evolved itself up to a 32B cup and the reason why this has come to such a degree of attention is that she had been spotted a few times strolling around New York City sans a bra. She was apparently seen slightly hanging out of her t-shirt and the pics which had been taken have been a source of media and fan attention that fails to cool-off.

Some high-profile plastic surgeons have pointed out the way that her right breast was resting within her shirt was a total dead giveaway regarding the more than likely possibility that she really has undergone a recent breast augmentation.

Some Fans Not happy

Some of her fans are apparently not too happy because they feel that the wholesome image in which she has had over the past few years has quickly fallen to the wayside. They feel that the singer/actress looks just a little too shapely these days and that maybe she isn’t embracing her role model qualities that have helped make her so famous.

As it stands, there has not been any source of comments or remarks in regards to whether or not she in fact did receive any sort of breast implants. There are plastic surgeons who swear by the reality that she did have some sort of breast enhancement surgery.

Recently, at one of her concerts, she had been wearing a significantly skimpy shirt that revealed her midriff and her cleavage, almost too excess. This apparently had added more fuel to the fire, causing a little bit of anger within the fanbase that embrace Gomez and the other singers of her genre of music.

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Selena Likes Her New Girls

Selena Gomez breast implants, the more and more you hear about it,  regarding it’s latest rumblings coming out of the media circus, which seems to follow her wherever she goes, looks to be a reality. The work she had acquired was first-rate and apparently by the way she has been flaunting herself these days, she thinks so as well.