Reese Witherspoon Plastic Surgery

Reese Witherspoon Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

She is an actress who is widely regarded for her blonde hair and girl-next-door appeal. Reese Witherspoon’s plastic surgery tells the tale of an A-list actress who finds herself at the edge where the possibility of a career decline begins to take place. It is typically the time that an actress will predictably drop some large sums of cash in order to stave-off the the detrimental effects of age and remain in her place among Tinseltown’s most notable names.

“I literally think I look bad in every picture.”

Witherspoon really began to build her name after the release of the movies “Legally Blonde” and “Sweet Home Alabama”. Ever since those two films, she has acquired an elite Hollywood status and has virtually never looked back. Her career may be now taking a bit of a different turn because she has been at the head of plastic surgery rumors.

Staring Down 40

Witherspoon is at the very cusp of 40 years old and several people in the entertainment publicity field have cited that the actress may have very well indeed undergone a few procedures such as a chin augmentation, Rhinoplasty and a lip augmentation.

Reese has a pretty good hold in Hollywood and regardless of how taboo it may be, cosmetic surgery would totally make complete sense. There have been some plastic surgeons who have stated that Witherspoon may have simply undergone a few minor botox procedures.

Cosmetic procedures for an actress like Reese Witherspoon really would seem to be a bit of a touchy subject. The reason being is simply because her appearance and her skin is so natural and youthful looking that if any slight mistake were to occur, it would be so much more visible on a person like Witherspoon than it could be on another actress.

Good Chance of Botox

The botox theory may actually be a relatively accurate assumption because if you look at her forehead in some of her recent pics, her forehead looks as if it has tightened-up and has smoothed a lot more significantly than how it looked even a few months ago.

The possibility of the chin augmentation that sparked the interest of the public is because if you examine her before and after pics, you can really see a visible change in the overall shape of her chin. The current appearance of her chin, as opposed to how it looked previously, shows a chin that is considerably more defined, and it also appears to be looking a little bit shorter in length. If there was indeed work that was completed in that region, it looks like it was very done well.

The Rhinoplasty and lip augmentation theories are void of possessing any real truths by just viewing her recent pics. It looks as if they may have been the subject of a fictitious creation on the part of some rumor mill workings.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Chin Augmentation
  • Botox Injections
  • Possible Rhinoplasty
  • Possible Lip Augmentation

Not As Much Work as Thought

Reese Witherspoon’s plastic surgery may not have been as exclamatory as the speculation system had originally stated, but there had been some clear, visible changes which lead one to believe that there was a little cosmetic happenings in the mix. The work that actually had been completed was professionally done and fitting of Witherspoon’s status.