Poppy Montgomery Plastic Surgery

Poppy Montgomery Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

At 42 years of age, Poppy Montgomery is looking great. Anybody who knows who she is probably aware that she also has a pretty stellar body and the kind that men go crazy for. One thing in particular that really stands out in regards to her appearance is that fact that she virtually has no wrinkles on her face to speak of. That fact right there has many wondering if Poppy Montgomery’s plastic surgery took place, because she really looks a lot younger than those digits representing her age state.

“I was a redhead when I first came to America.”

Just by taking a look at her pics, it would really seem as if she most likely would have gotten botox injections done. Her face and her forehead look incredibly smooth and much smoother than it ever has been previously. Her forehead also has a shine that typically is a sign of someone who has undergone botox injections.

Speculations Brew

The thing that can be said regarding her speculated surgery is that if you weren’t any sort of expert, than it would be really hard to tell if she did or didn’t. The speculations in and out of Hollywood though, appear as if many do in fact believe that she had some sort of procedure completed. Her fans truly feel that even if she did in fact obtain a surgery of some sort, they still love her and they wouldn’t judge her for it.

The reality is, it would simply be impossible for a woman of Montgomery’s age to look as young as she does and to have not had something done. So, if botox was injected, it was done very well and her face remains as natural as it has ever been. There have been many sources online that have indicated that Montgomery indeed has acquired a tummy tuck and there is some speculation of a breast augmentation as well.

Hollywood and Botox

Generally, women in Hollywood typically look to botox or other plastic surgeries to keep their assets in order and if anything is important, it is youth and vitality. If any actress in Tinseltown has assets, it is Montgomery and it would be no doubt that she would do all she could to keep them. Still though, there really is no solid proof that she did acquire any work and everything that has come to light has simply been speculation.

The before and after pics clearly state that her skin really has become ultra smooth but there really isn’t anything else to point us in the direction of the truth. The tummy tuck speculation is a tough call as well because Poppy is a diehard fan of diet and exercise and a tummy tuck would be rather hard to believe for someone like her.

Under the knife Points: The procedure Checklist

  • Botox
  • Tummy Tuck

Fans Still Love Her Regardless

Poppy Montgomery plastic surgery, even though heavy speculate, especially in the realm of online forums, is unable to conclude a truth. Fans though, no matter what will be standing by Montgomery’s side and they believe that if the actress felt like that is what she needed to do, than it is understandable. So if she did acquire work, than it was done really well.