Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery

Michelle Phan Before and After Photos

For anybody who inspires to make a name and get the fame by way of viral videos and blogging,then this gal should be nothing but an inspiration to those select people. Her rise to notoriety came in 2005, when she began a blog that concerned itself in all the ways of make-up. The site discussed how it is applied, made, origins and the general purposes that are involved in the subject. How does someone sans any type of major fame get in the midst of plastic surgery rumors? Michelle Phan plastic surgery rumors that is, lets go and see what this poor woman had to deal with, shall we?

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

A Little Back Story

Michelle Phan is of Vietnamese descent and after she finished up her schooling, she headed to an art college to pursue her dreams of becoming a makeup artist, doing her thing in the big time. She has certainly made the big time but in an unconventional way, which speaks of her creativity and individuality which she possesses so much of. The nations interest had an even bigger interest from the upscale beauty products powerhouse, Lancôme. Her techniques became such a hit that L’Oreal took her services on and she still keeps on climbing the ladder to greatness.

The ingenious styles for which Phan has impressed onto the world have been nothing short of miraculous but she has also stumbled upon some rather negative issues from the public concerning her presumably undergoing plastic surgery procedures. The speculations deal with the possibility of her obtaining double eyelid surgery, a Rhinoplasty and surgery of the jaw.

To Singapore and Back

A while back, Phan had departed to singapore to take part in a music video but it is said that when she returned, her jawline had completely changed, as well as her nose and supposedly her eyes as well. After the claims hit the web, a series of before and after pics were soon analyzed by those who sought them out.

The pics do show a few major differences in the area of her jaw, for certain. The jawline almost appears to be a little more raised and it also has a new definition and presence than it did prior.

The Changes do Look to Have Occurred

Her nose, is kind of a tough call but if one were to examine it very closely, changes can be recognized. There use to be a little puffiness to her nose that never quite seem to match the rest of her finer features but the look of it now has been tamed and narrowed considerably. The nostril area looks like it has been thinned down as well, the job was done in a very quality oriented manner.

Her eyelids have some less significant changes but there appears to be more of a widening. This is one of those things which occur after somebody mentions a specific procedure, so all of a sudden you imagine all these different changes when they never actually occurred.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Jawline Surgery
  • Double Eyelid Surgery
  • Rhinoplasty

A Flash in the Phan

Michelle Phan plastic surgery is still suspect with a lot of individuals but if the time is taken to really examine her latest pictures post the Singapore trip, you can see significant changes in all areas as to which three procedures were named in the speculations. It still remains an undecided venture but you would ultimately have to make your own decisions.