Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery

Melissa Rivers Before and After Photos

She is the daughter of the late, great and legendary comedic personality, Joan Rivers. Melissa Rivers grew up in the heart of show business and in the shadow of her mother. She has made a little bit of a name in her own right though, as an actress, producer and television host. Her mother had an insatiable appetite for plastic surgery and it seems as though some of that appetite may have rubbed off on Melissa Rivers plastic surgery, as it seems to be the reason as to why you have stumbled upon this article.

Melissa Rivers was born 1968 in New York City to the as aforementioned comedic great, Joan Rivers. Surely with a little assist from her mother, Rivers began her career as an intern at CBS news, locally in her adopted hometime Los Angeles, after she had graduated from college. A little while later, she then had began pursue acting and she ended up keeping relatively active in the well-known shows of the day like, “Beverly Hills 90210” and other similar type dramas.

The Rumors Flew

There were speculations within her limelight circle of entertainment associates and after a while that inner-attention broke out of that circle, ending up on the tongues of gossip columnist and at the fingertips of media bloggers. That interest made its way to her fans, who all were all understandably displeased and virtually outraged.

The pressure had obviously gotten to Melissa, so she felt like what the best thing to do is, confess to the world and thats exactly what she did. She mentioned that she had a breast augmentation done, as well as a Rhinoplasty but in Melissa’s case, the work that had been done came out looking rather decent.

There was no doubt a breast augmentation which had taken place and just by the looks of her overall new package, it looked like it was done by the hands of a skilled surgeon. They appear to be perky, well proportioned and just the right amount of cleavage. A job well done, that is a certainty.

Like Momma, Like Daughter

Her Rhinoplasty was a job that could have been done better, because it looked like the very front of her nose was maybe a little too pinched and a little thin at the base. She confirmed to the world that both her and her mom had severely, almost debilitating self-esteem issues and that is what was the probable cause for what prompted the plastic surgery obsession which they both (especially her mother) had.

The skin on her face appeared to have been tightened, all around, which would very easily lead one to believe that she had Botox injections performed in a few spots of her facial region. She had openly admitted to People Magazine that she utilizes Botox injections at least once a year and in her opinion it has all been for the best. She did also mention that she really dislikes being on the negative end of speculations but remarked thats how it goes.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Botox Injections
  • Rhinoplasty

A Rivers Runs Through It

Melissa Rivers plastic surgery went pretty well, it really looks as if she went out of her way to employ a capable and skilled cosmetic surgeon. Melissa looks great for now but if she has any of that gene her mother had, she might be in a world of plastic surgery hurt, with the acquisition of far too many surgeries which could end up looking creepy. Let’s hope that Melissa has a nice sit down with reason and formidably changes her mind regarding any future procedures.