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Marina Sirtis Before and After Photos

New Bust a Must

She is a natural beauty who captivated audiences of the small screen on her fantastic voyages through space. Her career, through years on “Star Trek:Next Generation” has made the name and reputation of a professional, who has paved her way into a nice Hollywood fable. Marina Sirtis plastic surgery is when a quality actress does what she can to keep the balance and to retain her gold Tinseltown membership indefinitely. Is there any way or any how that Marina Sirtis went under the knife? Could it actually be? …You decide…
A veteran actress, Marina Sirtis has put her dues into the place that the most competitive thespians in the world like to call home, Hollywood. Aging however, yet still beautiful, a fine line between taking action or resting on your laurels to wait for time to make the final decision hangs in the balance. The interest of her fans and general public were about to speak up…what did they have to say?
Interest began in the most interesting aspect of the female form and with Sirtis, it looked like a rather big issue had manifested and the public eye couldn’t help but notice. The thought or reality of gravity may have summoned her attention as it seems, because after a little sabbatical out of the spotlight, she would resurface with a bust of unexplainable changes.

I am not a sound bite person. I prefer to run at the mouth.”

A Big Change

Marina, although not the most famous of facesin the history of entertainment, was a sex symbol and in her own right too. Her breasts were never a cause of interest in the past. They were never tiny nor were they particularly large either, average sized would be the best way to put it. Her breast were now large, to say the least and she wasn’t shy in the slightest in explaining her newfound changes.
Marina came out and discussed with the public that indeed she did undergo a breast augmentation, due to the effects of age and the dreaded sagging that accompanies it. It looks like maybe she decided to go for a two-for-one stop because not only do they look younger, she really pumped them up too. Was the age thing an excuse to follow her Dolly Parton dreams? It must have been something of that nature.
It seems however that her augmentation may have done more damage than benefit because according to her, her breast produces an unbalanced awkwardness that was never there before. The results had apparently caused an undesirable effect, so much infact that she became very verbal when denouncing any more further surgeries, animatedly refusing the idea.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Breast Augmentation

No More for Sirtis

It is an unfortunate thing that Marina Sirtis plastic surgery didn’t go well. There really hasn’t been a whole lot expressed as to why she had these ill symptoms but apparently on the physical side of things it hasn’t made life very easy for her. Whether she takes action and opts for a clean up procedure has yet to be determined. She is a hottie still though and she will eventually find her way through space and time once again.