Marg Helgenberger before and after Plastic Surgery

Marg Helgenberger Before and After Photos

CSI or Die Man

The beautiful Marge. A fine looking’ mature woman at it’s best. A stern personality on screen, never giving away too much with her expressions, this is what a fine actress can do and Marge, by golly does it well. Did Marg Helgenberger plastic surgery go well though?, or heck, did it even take place? A talent like this is worth a little research, let go on down the road apiece and see for ourselves.

“If I was working hard, she bled into my personality. I became more cynical”


Marge Helgenberger was born on November 16, 1958 in Omaha, Nebraska. Her acting career took off relatively quickly and she graduated from college in New York. Her first role came as a police woman in television’s daytime soap “Ryan’s Hope”.
Marge had a heck of a talent scout apparently and with their help, she found herself acting side-by-side with Dustin Hoffman in the comedy classic “Tootsie” and then later on down the line in the hit mid-90’s sci-fi cult classic, “Species”.
On TV she would get a juicy role playing the love interest of George Clooney on the hit TV medical drama “ER”. It wasn’t until later on in the 2000’s that she made her serious claim to fame in the mega hit “CSI: Las Vegas”, sealing her name in the books.

Marge HelBent on Staying Young

Well, it’s no secret that Marge isn’t exactly a spring chicken but she sure does look mighty hot for a woman of her years. Some of her fans and some media journalist believe that Helgenberger might have broke the rules a little, possibly getting some cosmetic work done. How on earth can a woman look as good and young as her at that age and not dabble a little?
According to a very prominent surgeon in New York, he states “It appears that she’s had a facelift. Her skin looks tight and her cheeks fuller with a slight disconnect with the appearance of her forehead. This is all speculation since I don’t see any incisions in the photos.”
The good ol’ boy may have a good point there, her skin does look awfully peeled back and such, some photos she actually looks as if she may be uncomfortable. Regardless, the chick looks half her age and that has to be said for something…it sure does, plastic surgery!
Other items at hand is that her lips look like they have an artificial fullness to them, there are some obvious tell-tell signs of a little Botox going on, that is for sure. Really, besides a little tightness in her face seen from time to time, her supposed plastic surgery work looks pretty darn good. Cheers to her doc.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Cheek Filler
  • Botox injections
  • Forehead Lift (possible)

Marg at Large

Marg Helgenberger plastic surgery went well, if you look at her closely you can’t find a trace of scar tissue anywhere and her face is just about free of any type of wrinkle. Helgenberger has remained very quiet when it comes to filling us in a, that can really be taken any way, but that woman looks like a toughy, so maybe it wouldn’t be too smart to start asking her questions that she doesn’t want to answer, eh?



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