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Madonna Before and After Photos

Like a Surgeon, Nipped for the Very First Time

You know who this chick is, the queen of pop. The madame. One of the biggest megastars of the last 30 years. Madonna baby, that’s right. When she first popped on the scene in the 80’s, everything was nice and calm. She turned our world upside down. Her tunes are etched in us like a part of our makeup, culture. She was forever our girl. Madonna plastic surgery, kind of weirds us a little because we’ve all grown up and moved on but Madonna is still hard pressed on still being forever our girl. The lass doesn’t want to let go of the 80’s or her youth, desperately. Join us as we look at an icon who has a little bit of Peter Pan Syndrome in her.

“I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.”


On August 16, 1958, Madonna Ciccone was born into a second generation italian family. She grew up heavily catholic and states that much of her influences were partly based on the religion.
Tragedy would strike young Madonna, as her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, eventually succumbing to the disease at the age of 30, when Madonna was only 5.
The loss of her mother was huge and her mother’s outlook on individuality became an even heavier influence after her passing. It were these traits that stuck with her and helped her define the Madonna attitude.
Madonna was one heck of a dancer growing up and this carried through to her high school years. She was so good that she was offered scholarships for her happy feet.
In ’77, she graduated college and went on to do professional choreography. She moved to New York City to perform at the American Dance Center, to work on a two year program.
Madonna worked odd jobs to help pay the rent, such as modeling and working at a tea room. After she began dating a guy in a band, he introduced her to the ways of vaudeville in Paris, sending her on a journey there to work as a showgirl.
In 1981, she began singing and almost instantly began a career as a solo performer. She networked, made connections. She learned the biz real quick, while still perfecting her craft.
Before you knew it, she had a record deal and soon enough she released her first album to an already radio friendly single.
In 1983, she really started picking up the steamage, her second album had the release “Borderline” and that sold the public on the madame.
Decades and decades later, she has a mountain of gold records, hit movies, Sold out shows, she is an icon of pop music, very easily said.
The kingdom of whispers began, churning, slowly. Talk mounted, the great madame became a focal point of conversions of the knife. That is correct, the madame.

Madonna and the Quest for Youth

Speculations, concerned over a woman who is 56 years of age who is virtually wrinkle free. The questions boiled over. Madonna became prey of the advocates of his majesty the knife.
A big focus is with her cheekbones. Raised, prominent and stoic, nothing like the girl back in the day. Her upper cheekbones look like the doc may have stuck a golf ball in each one to assure overhead was achieved.
Next is her forehead, and you would have to be a darned fool not to see it. Bulging, tight and shiny. Nothing that you would expect in a woman of her advanced years. It comes without thought or question of the old gal. She has gone knife crazy.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Brow Lift
  • Cheekbone Implants
  • Botox Injections
  • Possible Facial Reconstruction

She’s Our Lucky Star

A few dermatologist have made some remarks on Madonna plastic surgery, and they firmly believe, simply by the Before and after’s of the last 10 years that, the madame has most certainly been involved in a knife fight at some juncture…or two or ten, something like that. Never the less, it doesn’t look to god aweful but it does certainly spell plastic surgery and thats why we’re all here…ain’t it.