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Lori Loughlin Before and after Photos

A Full House, Once Again

She was the honey on “Full House”, you remember, right? John Stamos’ love interest then eventually his wife. Lori Loughlin, that was her name…ok. She achieved herself a pretty cool little chunk of fame in the 90’s. Did she fall on her to knes to the gods of has-beenian land land? Or did she just wither away and flounder off into the seas of nothingness? Now wait a minute. not so fast. Lori Loughlin plastic surgery is a tale of survival of the fittest in a land of broken hearts and the unforgiven. Dare we go any further? oh yes , we shall….

“You have to make difficult choices in your life, and you just have to be happy with them.”


Born in July of 1964 in New York City, Lori Loughlin was a lifeguard prior to working as an actress. Her career began at twelve as a print model. During her adolescent years, she appeared in TV commercials and was often seen in print ads across the country. At 15, she was cast in the television soap opera, “The Edge of Night” playing the role of an dancer, starring in the series from 1980 to 1983.
She really came into prominence when she got the role of Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis on the sitcom “Full House”. She played the role in the series from 1988 to 1995. Next she would move onto the show “Summerland”, which she also partly created and produced. Lori would continue in the biz working behind the scenes on some other television shows.
Where did the Lori Loughlin circus travel to? Not really sure, but this is for certain, she wanted back into the spotlight after being casted off into the realm of nowhereland. There is only one thing she could do, get young again. In this world of ticking clocks and mortality, there is no place you can run off to, to go back to your youth, there is no magic kingdom with magic spells. The only way is to go beneath the knife and pray for that change you so desperately need.

Something beautiful and young, this way comes

The rumors swirled, filling the vacant space that was once Lori’s hunting ground. If anything it was news, and that was a start. Her youthful appearance, as she stepped back into the spotlight, left heads scratching as to how she could do it, at 49?
A less than savory surgeon came fourth spilling details about Loughlin receiving Botox to clear and smooth around some wrinkles on her face and forehead.
By peering deeply into newly surfaced photo’s, the presence of an unnatural smoothness is ever present, around her eyes especially, it is something that is all too rare for a woman pushing 50.
Other words that have forged into the scene discuss the likelihood of a facelift as well. Whatever magican that Lori employed was cunning and skillful with his blade and left not even a trace of the procedures leavings. Loring looks adorable, stunning and praiseworthy.
If anything was to be picked out, and with the obvious intent to point out flaws, would have to be her raised eyebrows. If you look at a very detailed set of before and after photo’s, those changes can be evaluated but it would be with ernst nitpicking if those faults were to be really mentioned.

Under the Knife points: The Procedure List

  • Botox injections
  • Facelift
  • Possible browlift but doubtful

The Second Shot Awaits

In her own very personal journey for a sip out of the fountain of youth, Lori Loughlin plastic surgery nailed what so many other youth seekers attempt to do, stunning, flawless . Sometimes in this life, stands a heart at the edge of despair. seeking one last shot, one last applause. The keeper of the knife accepted her request and gave her a second shot at Hollywood mortality. If you see Lori Loughlin back on top of the world, don’t be to surprised. and you can thank his majesty, the knife.