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Julie Bowen Before and after Photos

Modern Hottie

The very attractive and funny actress, Julie Bowen has always been in the background for many years. She has played in a ton of movies and TV shows and yet only in the last few years has anybody started to figure out who she is. That is all due to her star turning breakthrough on the hit television show “Modern Family”. You would have to call Julie a late bloomer of sorts. Julie Bowen plastic surgery is about a woman who finally in the latter stage of her career is gaining the notoriety is the reason that she started this game out to begin with. Funny how, right when the clock starts ticking towards midnight, she finally gets her big break. If her looks are slipping due to age right when she just started tasting success, can only mean a trip under the knife to keep that train a rollin, right?…right.

“I’m so not stylish by nature, but I’ve learned to work with what I have.”


Born on March 3, 1969 in Baltimore, Maryland, Julie Bowen, even as a child, loved to act. Later, after high school, Bowen moved to Rhode Island, where she began attending Brown University and she majored in Italian Renaissance. Her love of acting took over and she kept very busy with thespian activities, starring in local theatrical productions.
With a little pursuing she quickly found a home on TV and These little roles gave her the confidence to move to the big time of Los Angeles. The roles kept on piling up and before you knew, she had her big break in the Adam Sandler comedy “Happy Gilmore”. She kept on finding great roles on TV with shows such as ”Lost”, “Weeds” and “Boston Legal” and these roles would eventually lead her to the doorstep of the “Modern Family”, With this great show, she is still working and fine tuning her star power.

No fooli For Julie

Speculations of plastic surgery were actually spawned by Bowen herself. In an interview she noted her love of laser spot removal. Bowen is a sun tanning freak who is prone to burns and spots. She likes the laser quite a bit it seems.
During that interview,even though she never admitted to anything else, it prompted further curiosity in Bowen and upon further inspection by mere obsessions of some fans, they noticed several different changes in Bowens appearance in a few befores and afters.
One of the first noticeable things that were notived in some of her earlier pictures, her breast were clearly smaller than they were in some photos that were taken a few months later. They look sized up, well formed and it added Julie with a new found sexiness and curviness that she obviously did not have before.
The speculations were backed up by a miami plastic surgeon, when he noted that she has expressed insecurities about her smaller breasts and as of late she has been seen walking proud and much more secure with herself. The doctor never came out forthright with a yes or a no whether her surgery took place or not, but it looks pretty obvious.
Also noticed were that the wrinkles in her forehead have disappeared. By the looks of of it, one would point to a Botox injection because the smoothing of her forehead is so isolated that Botox or some dermal filler would likely be the culprit.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure List

  • Breast augmentation
  • Botox or dermal filler in forehead

Bowen Keeps Flowing

Julie Bowen plastic surgery was a quick little flight of fancy with the knife. She is only 42 and she gives off a more down to earth impression. It seems that she is not quite ready for a full five course, five star dining with the knife just yet. If her career keeps rocking out the way it is, maybe in a few years she could scroll down her rolodex and find the number for the Mr. Knife and give the old chap a ring. Julie does look really great with her latest assets and here is to her continued success,