Lindsey Pelas Plastic Surgery

Lindsey Pelas Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She is an incredible standout in the realm of cyber babes, and she has also made quite a name for herself as one of the prominant faces of Playboy magazine, Lindsay Pelas is all that and more. Pelas has garnered her acclaim through the assets one would consider vast, being that of her bust size, which sprawls out at 32DDD.  Obviously this leaves many to wonder if those assets are of a synthetic nature. In regards to the accusations, she claims there has never been any sort of plastic surgery to have ever taken place but not many are buying her response.

Still, even with an extensive amount of research, it fails to produce any sort of evidence which points in the direction that Pelas has indeed undergone a breast augmentation. Anyone who lets their eyes capture her assets would likely assume that they are not originals.  She continues to decline the rumors and is sticking to her word.


11 Tough Call

Still though, looking at her breast, you would instinctively surmise that something must have been done.  However, they do indeed lack the trademark appearance that augmented breast usually have. They way that the cleavage appears, looks to be really natural. The split down the middle doesn’t have that tight, forced together look that so many synthetically altered breast possess.  The size alone, especially on her small frame, guides the assumption of a boob job, yet perhaps she really was just gloriously endowed.

1. Tough Call

22 Rhinoplasty Suspicion

Other speculations have suggested that Pelas has also undergone a Rhinoplasty.  Unlike the breast augmentation inquiries, their still remains no comment or even an acknowledgment from either her or her publicist. Still though, looking at her newly released before and afters, there is clearly some changes which have been made to that region of her face.

2. Rhinoplasty Suspicion

33 Possible Plastic Surgery

The pictures show that prior to a couple of years ago, her nose wasn’t as fine as it appears to be today. The base has been narrowed and the nostrils are more slight than in the past. If one would have to make a judgement call based on the merits of appearances they would indeed point out that there most likely has been some synthetic changes which have been made. Conclusively, on all accounts, the work was done under a relatively good deal of care.

Then, as with many celebrity, the procedures always come in multiples. In Pelas’ case, she has been linked to undergoing a chin augmentation as well. Glancing at the pics, this speculation in particular is a really tough definitively call because there are some pictures that appear as if she did have a little something done and then there are others done that look like not a pore in her chin area had been touched. There are so many different variables when it comes to photography and so judging a procedure like this by a random picture is nearly impossible.  In this case, the likely end conclusion is whatever you decide.

3. Possible Plastic Surgery


Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Chin Augmentation
Yea or Nay?

Lindsey Pelas plastic surgery is one of those cases that is really hard to define, simply because if you glance at her, you would automatically associate plastic surgery with her appearance. Her breast are simply the kind you wouldn’t believe could form that way naturally and her overall appearance simply has that synthetic blonde look but innocent until proven guilty as they always say.


  1. Lindsey was a waitress at the local Twin Peaks in Baton Rouge before becoming an Internet hottie. I assure you she has had surgery on both her breasts and her chin. I hardly recognized her face when I saw these pics.

    • Do you know where she got her boobs done? In Baton Rouge or LA??? I’m trying to find out who her surgeon was, because I have to admit they did a decent job at making them realistic enough to fool the internet.

  2. You bet she has. You can tell from the way they sit on her chest that they’re fake. Lips, nose and chin altered too … as far as that video goes of her running to prove her tits are real? Real tits don’t have visible round implants inside them, lol.

  3. She’s a liar then … there’s plenty of evidence to suggest they’re fake; you can see implant outlines in many photos.

    • She could have had fat injections, but they are not natural I agree if its fat then technically there is no lie…either way she will get somewhere!

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