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Boyle’s Surgery Foiles

She has a sense of style and swagger like you’ve never seen before, sophisticated and striking. After her debut in “Twin Peaks”, she became a fixture in the public eye and ever since then Lara Flynn Boyle hasn’t looked back. People however, they were looking back and firing back at her appearance as it made a change that was worthy of attention. After years of criticism for an ultra-slim figure due to eating disorders, Lara Flynn Boyle plastic surgery was enough to start opening mouths.

“I don’t have a problem with my body. I don’t diet, and I’m not hiding anything. I’m not going to be the subject of a movie of the week 10 years from now.”


Born on March 24, 1970. Lara Flynn Boyle is a post A-list actress who was bred for the limelight. Striking good looks and a affirmative talent, she made waves after David Lynch hired her on his Twin Peaks television show. The show found immediate success and then continued success and when she moved on to bigger projects in film, she was a star.

Actresses like Boyle are typically tabloid fodder, even though she played it cool most the time but it didn’t seem to matter because she turned out to be their favorite target. Paparazzi and celebrity bloggers made some remarks that Boyle may have gone under the knife because her look had taken on changes that visibly had the markings of plastic surgery and this is something she has gotten used to because of her public battles with eating disorders.

Good Point

Once the word left the mouths of the finger pointers, it soon reached the ears of the fans and of the general public and they simply wanted to know more, as we human usually do, The curiosity however, was not without merit after examining the before and after pictures as it appeared that the so-called finger pointers may just of had a, well….point.

A well known surgeon then jumped on the bandwagon and gave his educated two cents. He noted that Boyle has indeed benefited from a little nip and tuck and the speculations were true. He cited that she underwent a Lip augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Botox injections and facial fillers. The details were out, so why did the finger pointer become curious in the first place? let’s find out why:

To start, her lips looked flat out puffy, swollen as if she may have had an allergic reaction or something. The shape was off, giving a stretched, unbalanced look that was aiming for a wider highlight but it failed considerably. It wouldn’t be hard pressed to say that the lip augmentation was botched.

Twin Reeks

Her nose, at the bridge actually looks like it was improved but as it flows down, there is a rigid and unnatural appearance that is hard to express, Her nostrils look inflamed and extra wide, with the shape looking like one side blends very well with that side of the face but on the other side it has this odd, ripply look that doesn’t look right when compared to the other side.

It definitely appears as if she had facial filler put in especially. Her cheeks stick out way more than they ever have in the past and the overall look is raging on the borderline of hideousness

Examining her forehead you can clearly see that instead of opting for a brow lift she went for the more economic approach and decided on Botox injections. Judging by the shaky hand of the surgeon, in hindsight it was probably the best decision Lara had made throughout the whole process. Her forehead looks rather nice, young and perfectly balanced with her natural face prior to the earlier injustices of the knife. she walked out of there with at least one win under her belt.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Botox Injections
  • Facial Fillers

They Made a Sin of Flynn

Lara Flynn Boyle plastic surgery for the most part was tragic. The right thing for her to do would be to try and reclaim some of her paid expenses and put it towards correction surgery at an obviously different clinic. There have been worse jobs that have been undertaken but it certainly doesn’t make it right.