kim delaney plastic surgery

Kim Delaney Before and After Photos

Career Dim, Surgery for Kim

If you had to think of 5 stars that best represented the TV crime drama and only had 10 seconds to do it, Kim Delaney would have to at least come up on the second to third name that came to your head. Her grit on the small screen wasn’t the only thing she had going for her, her beauty and acting ability made for a lot of why we know her name today. Most notably, her character on NYPD Blue is what brought her face to prominence but did her face bring on the need for Kim Delaney plastic surgery?

“I’m single. I had to make a few changes in my life.”

Neither she or any of her reps have ever confirmed anything but the fact is, her before and after pics say a lot. These photographs starting hitting the web through various sites and blogs and with this viral attack came the speculation van. There were more harsh words than you would expect for a celebrity in the midst of plastic surgery rumors but, there had to be somebody at fire, so it might as well have been Delaney,

NYPD Botox

The first thing to come to the public’s eyes had to be the signs of Botox that were inescapable. The lines on her forehead that particularly show up in women her age were stunningly absent. Her neck as well, in the past has shown a specific set of wrinkles at the lower base towards her bosom that was very radiant and youthful to a high degree that it was undeniably a work of Botox. Becoming virtually a second nature to the women in Tinseltown, Botox has has risen to the very top as the most sought after procedure of the stars. The use of Botox has also slowly edged it’s way into the mainstream of the general public as well.

Her face, as a whole looks like maybe a facelift was employed. She use to have sagging skin on her jaw which was hard to miss, it wasn’t particularly hideous but it was noticeable and now it has vanished. There is a tightening in the general area of the jaw and around the upper cheek area. By how much ground was covered in the facial area, a facelift would be the more ideal choice above the rest.

Next on the menu, her breast were showing signs of a possible augmentation. Her breast in particular have always been prominent and judging by her overall figure, it would appear as if maybe Delaney might battle weight off and on, so her breast could simply be a matter of a little weight gain. The look they instill says natural and they also lack the artificial detail referenced with breast augmentations.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Botox
  • facial Reconstruction
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Nose Job

A Good Surgery

Kim Delaney plastic surgery looked like it was done in a good manner. It wasn’t overly skilled but by all accounts wasn’t a failure. Her breast augmentation is a little in question but all the other procedures that are presumed here appear to be based by a good amount of truth, if not a lot. The woman is getting older and she does work in Hollywood, so that might be expected. Might may not be the proper choice of words, it is expected would presumably be more fitting.