Kim Ah-Joong Plastic Surgery

Kim Ah-Joong Before and After Photos

It is no doubt that when the topics of Korean movie stars and plastic surgery come up, the two just go hand in hand. The South Korean beauty Kim Ah Joong was one of those, what appeared to be rare birds who didn’t want to associate herself with any more beauty enhancements because the work that she had done previously came out so spectactularly. However, Kin Ah Joong plastic surgery begs to differ. So lets discover what the hubbub is all about, shall we?

The work that Ah Joong had done previously was done in the variety of extreme plastic surgery but you know how those Korean gals are, they like to have those big round eyes with the cute, cherubic face to go along with it. So, essentially they are going to do anything it takes to achieve that desired appearance and that even becomes more obvious when there are film stars involved. Ah Joong is thirty years old but boy, if that woman doesn’t look like she is in her early twenties. That is why there are folks out who believe that she may have fallen off the wagon and headed back under the knife.

The first procedure which had been speculated is a Rhinoplasty. The look of her nose appears to be completely altered. It looks as if she had the bridge adjusted, it looks to be narrowed and also the tip looks like it has been reshaped as well. Her nose used to be wider, so now the shape really seems to fit the shape of her face accordingly.

Ah-Lid Surgery

The next procedure supposedly done is Eyelid Surgery. The look of individuals with Asian ethnicity have narrower eyes as most people know, so this procedure is a very common one with the asian people. Woman adore the concept of having wide eyes, so this one usually is at the top of the list with Asian woman. Her eyes indeed come out wider and rounder and they look like the surgeon rocked them out very nicely. You can see from the work that the particular surgeon is highly skilled and knows their craft very well.

The third surgery on tap is Jawline Surgery. You can definitely see where changes were made. The jaw is simply more pronounced than it ever has been, so the speculations were pretty dead on with this one.There is most certainly a sharpness and a quality to her new jawline and whether she decided to get the procedure on her own accord or if it was a suggestion from an associate, the new addition was a fantastic idea.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Jawline Surgery

An Even Newer Kim

Kim Ah Joong plastic surgery went about as good as anybody would ever hope for. She looked very attractive prior to the surgery but since she has obtained the new work, it really appears like it was a choice that was properly thought out beforehand. It was one of those things where if you heard about it without seeing the outcome first, you would wonder why she would have ever had it done because of her already present beauty but after seeing it and how it was executed, it was certainly a fine choice.