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Katherine Kelly Lang Before and After Photos

Her role in “The Bold and the Beautiful” spoke to an audience who appreciated what quality in acting is all about, especially when surrounded by so many less talented actors. Her character name on the show was Brooke Logan but the actress behind her vitality is Katherine Kelly Lang. Lang is undeniably one of the greatest talents in the biz of soaps but that didn’t stop some of her loving fans and media critics when they began to make comments over whether or not Katherine Kelly Lang plastic surgery is a possibility, judging by some reasonably noticeable differences in her appearance. The Woman looked way too youthful for her age, there wasn’t any joking about that.
The woman’s skin tone is insanely perfect, she has so many attributes to her physicality that it was almost unbelievable. That is the problem, her age disagreed with every element which her face now possessed, youth.

She has been on this good earth for 52 years and there is nothing in the way of her skin that shows that at all. There is no evidence of any crow’s feet and these are the kind of attributes which are huge when it comes to her gig as a soap actress and every time that she strolls the red carpet, the fans notice. The camera rolls and the bulbs flash every time she makes an appearance at any sort of event.


Speculative people can see through that beautiful exterior and see a woman who cheated age. A woman who took the easy road to keep her career at full speed. There were some “you go girl’s!” but for the majority of folk, there was a definitive cynicism in the air and it had Lang’s name in it.

Some of her people have pointed out that doing photo comparisons of her before and after pictures is hardly any reason to pass judgement. There are some relatively good reasons to look into those judgements because there really is a few noticeable changes. Critics just can’t quite seem to get over what they see in those before and after pics and they can’t stop talking about it, these are the kind of things that are building the population of disbelievers in her innocence.

These people just couldn’t believe that a 52 year old woman could possibly look so great because Lang is a solid vision of youth. At that age, many people would really think that there would be some sort of obvious signs at this point in life. She isn’t saying a word though and so it appears that the gossiping crowd of the biz may just have long wait ahead of them.

A Genuine Botox Party

The world of cosmetic procedures is a intricate and complex concept to understand but Botox looks to be the culprit in which Lang had taken up. You can see that specific areas in her forehead and cheeks have most likely gotten injected. Her lips also look like they have gotten some Botox attention as well. The work looked very good but it did change her face considerably but not everyone agrees with her decision apparently.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Multiple Botox Injections

Dang, Look at Lange!

Katherine Kelly Lang plastic surgery appeared be just right amount of Botox in virtually every location of the face where Botox is typically used. The changes really appear to be of a more potent type of procedure but there really isn’t any evidence pointing in that direction either. We may just never know if she did or didn’t.



  1. I had noticed while watching the B&B that Ms. Lang’s face actually looked awkward she had such beautiful cheekbones but now she has chipmunk cheeks. I know it’s her prerogative to do whatever she wants to do to her face I just don’t understand why she did anything. Ms. Lang to me was such a natural beauty but like I said b4 she now looks awkward it’s almost hard to watch her on TV which is a shame seeming towards her acting is top notch.

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