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Bra Sizes Tell No Tales

Kate, oh Katie, Kate. A national treasure you have become in the last few years, with the lads of course. The more magazine covers that make the stands, the more the imaginations rumble within the minds of men all across the world. Those two assets, have quickly become icons in their own right. Kate Upton bra size is a defining look at a couple of issues that are getting attention. Did she? or didn’t she? that is the question. What is Kates stance on implants?

“I can’t change my bra size. They’re natural! I can work out and I can stay healthy and motivated, but I can’t change some things. I really just live my life. I love my body. It’s what God gave me! I feel confident with myself, and if that inspires other women to feel confident with their bodies, great.”


Born on June 10, 1992, and raised in Melbourne, Florida, the beauty, Kate Upton, in 2008 got her big shot by attending a casting call for a modeling agency. She signed with the company immediately but she was ready for a bigger stage so she packed for New York City to pursue modeling seriously.
Not too long after the move she ended up signing with IMG Models. Pretty much at that moment, her career picked up steam and it’s been moving along ever since. She ended up modeling for Guess and Victoria’s Secret, along with some other magazines as well.
2011 brought good tidings for Kate as she got the opportunity to be in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition for that year and not only that but she was named “Rookie of the Year”. Then in 2012 she made the cover of GQ.
That same year, a video surfaced of Kate dancing to the song “Cat Daddy”. The video of course went viral immediately on Youtube, the buzz and popularity that ensued got her a guest appearance on “The Jimmy Fallon Show.” Ever since then she has found her way into major motion pictures, TV and much more modeling, securing her spot as a full time celeb.

No, I’m Telling Man, They Really Did Get Bigger

Anybody Who knows who Kate Upton is know She is pretty highlighted in the upstairs department, let’s just say, prominent. Now that that issue is out of the way, let’s focus our attention on the matter at hand, Did she…really?
There has been some speculation around kates breast size. It has been said that when she was in school she was a flat chested bookworm, way? Since those humble beginnings her bra size has steadily inclined, as a matter of fact in just a three year span, her bra size rose from a 33CC to a 34D. That seems rather odd, but her age has to be taken in account during the time as she was only a teenager, but still a growth spurt like that is rare to say the least. Also in her defense, there very well could have been fluctuations in her weight during the time.
The issue with Kate is her breast show the pure essence of natural. Every new pic, whether a so-called before and after, reveal nothing abnormal in her bust. Even if you teamed her up with the best surgeon in the universe and let’s say they specialize in breast augmentations, no matter what, there will be at least a trace of surgery somewhere. Augmented breast have a look to them, as many probably already know. They give off more of an oval, harder appearance then that of natural.

The Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Breast augmentation: (doubtful)

One pair of Jugs to Rule Them All

Come on guy’s, we all have to get a little hush hush on this one, total rumors, all the way, all day. As a matter of fact , there has to be some deeply rooted issue in individual who was the instigator of this rumor mill as to why, with any common sense, would you believe for a second that Miss.Upton had implants thrown in her, open those peepers for crying out!
Kate Upton bra size is what it is, nice but sorry to be a debbie downer but they are real as the day is long. Pull back your arm and toss that girl some credit, she got rich simply on the merits of her figure, because tell you what, it sure as heck wasn’t her good acting that got her to where she is.