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Adrienne Bailon Before and After Photos

Bailon and the legend of 3LW

Who is this little woman? Where does she come from? And what exactly does she want with the knife. Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery is the story of an artist, a singer and most importantly a dancer. She helms from the intensely talented and epic female R&B group “3LW.”
What sends this relatively young woman searching for solace in the knife? And how did her pow-wow with the knife go? Come hither and join us, although you are now hereby warned that these stories sometime contain graphic nature that may not be suitable for young adults.

“I’d rather die knowing that I tried to do
what I love”


Born on October 24, 1983 in the Lower Eastside of Manhattan, New York, Adrienne Bailon and her sister used to sing and dance for the family at gatherings.They also had a very intuitive sense that this is what they intended to do when they were adults.
For Adrienne, her breakthrough came in 1999, when Mr. Fabulous, Ricky Martin, epicly entered her church while she sang in the choir, swinging the doors wide open with an unforeseen power, gazing intently and eager in her general direction and asked them if he could use their four best choir singers for concert he was doing in town and it just so happens that they did, and she was one of them.
At Madison Square Garden it happened, magic, intrigue and the fateful beginning of Bailon’s stellar career. The thing is though, her big break came when she asked to join the group “3LW.” Let it be known, excepting Bailon was the best decision those woman ever made, because once they did, It was on.
3LW, were nothing short of a revelation, loved by the masses, gold that was held in the hearts of the world. Bailon’s contribution to the band is what sparked every facet of their success, her talent is immeasurable. Their self-titled album went double platinum and their second album “ A Girl Can Mack” did the same. Naturi Naughton, a 3LW member just recently left the group, so as for now, the group redefines their glorious image.

3LW Legend Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors

Word started forming throughout the music industry, Adrienne just looked different…something was up. Her breast looked larger for starters, revealing a new firmness and a simply more tone look. They got perky, and judging by some previous pics, she did the do with the knife.
Next, her nose. Prior, it was, shall we say, a litlle bigger and now it looked slimmer, smaller and the bridge leaned up as well. The nostrils really show serious change, tell-tell signs, all there baby.
Her lips have that classic Botox appearance, they are wider, plumper and well, that Botox appearance. They do look nice though, as with the rest of her supposed surgery.

Under the Knife Points: The Plastic Surgery Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Botox Injection

Bail-ed on a Botch

Hey, tell you what, Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery went better than one would expect. She revealed a new found, fresh beauty. It looked natural, and getting an organic looking result from cosmetic surgery is something any seeker would kill for. Girl looks fan-to-the-tastic. The knife may have been outsmarted this time but remember, this is his game and the odds are always in his favor.



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