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Myth Bust

It seems like so many times in todays age that plastic surgery looks strictly to be a Hollywood endeavor but lately, there have been a few TV stars that have been popping up in the woodwork. The Beautiful co-host of the “Mythbusters” educational TV series has possibly gone down that road to change up the trend a little bit. One thing that is unique about the gal is that she tries to maintain a low profile in the biz and she has done so very nicely but in the recent months, Kari Byron plastic surgery has manifested in to our curious little brains. Do you actually think Byron went there?…You decide….
As previously mentioned above, Kari Byron has slowly built a name for herself in the land beyond the the little screen. She is sexy, charming and plays a caterer to a couple of nerds who happened to cash in on their dorky ways. This Mythbusters babe however, may have cashed in on the stigma that plagues all of show business, plastic surgery.

So Very Kari

In what was a quick turn around in her appearance, Byron had been spotted with a rather noticeable increase in the cup size of her brazzer, There is a good amount of speculative minds that believe she had the work of a breast augmentation completed. The reason behind an augmentation is to enhance the curviness of a woman’s figure and just by a quick gander in Byron’s direction, that is a certainty on her behalf.
It was actually spotted in one of the recent episodes of her show that created all the bosom buzz. Her breast looked to have tripled in size, which, anywhere else in the universe it would be normal but on Earth, that’s a little peculiar.
Since the speculations were acquired about the raise in her bust, information has presented itself on a recent childbirth, which could obviously point to a reason why her brazzer began busting at the seams all of a sudden.

In the State of Lactate

There are many people out there who continue to point the finger at Byron, stating that she is using pregnancy as an excuse to cover up her new implants. It is a known fact that different women respond in their own unique way to pregnancy some keep in the same weight class but others to tend to lactate more, therefore gaining weight, especially in the bust area…obviously.
Kari Byron has kept out of all the surgery gossip and has remained silent as to whether these rumors have any factualness to them. As time distances itself from the pregnancy, then we can get an idea of her bust fate and also the facts as we keep an eye on those assets for just a little while longer.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Breast Augmentation

Admirin’ Byron

Kari Byron plastic surgery just might have given her the added boost to maybe make a greater step in show business, Maybe she will try to capitalize or something or maybe not. This is the one sure thing, this chick is a looker and what ever she feels is best for herself, she should feel the freedom to do that if she pleases. On another note, we congratulate Byron on her new found motherhood and wish her the very best in the coming years…we’re still gonna keep an eye on you though…we promise.